Wuzzles puzzles

Are you also a great lover of wuzzles puzzles? A wuzzles puzzle is a combination of word + puzzle. In other words, a wuzzle puzzle is a word or phrase that you have to find by looking carefully at how the word or letters are positioned. Look for example if the letters are big or small, if they occur more often, if they are above or below etc. These puzzles are also sometimes called Bamboozables or Dingbats.

It does not matter what they are called. The important thing is to get going with these wuzzles puzzles. And yes, nothing is more annoying than not knowing what the outcome will be. So these puzzles come with answers. You can find them at the bottom of the page. Good luck with the puzzles!

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Wuzzles puzzles

Let's start with some easy wuzzles puzzles. You can see from the 1 star of the first puzzle that it is not the most difficult one. It sometimes helps with these wuzzles if you just read out loud what it says. Good luck! Can't figure it out? You can find the answers to these fun bamboozles at the bottom of this page.

Wuzzles puzzles

Wuzzle puzzle 1

Wuzzles puzzles 2

Wuzzle puzzle 2

Wuzzles puzzle with answers 2

Wuzzle puzzle 3

Wuzzles word puzzles

Wuzzle puzzle 4


Wuzzle puzzle 5

bamboozable 2

Wuzzle puzzle 6

Escape room for kids

Escape Room for kids

Do your kids love solving rebus puzzles too? Or do you use these puzzles in your classroom? Then they probably also like Escape Rooms.
Our Escape Room is interactive, can be played with large groups, for children aged 9 - 14 years. To play in your own environment.

Wuzzles puzzles with answers

Are you puzzling yet? Do you find them too easy? Then we are going to raise the level a bit. But don't worry. These wuzzles come with answers, so you can always take a peek if you don't know the solution to these difficult puzzles.

Wuzzles puzzles with answers 2

Wuzzles puzzle 1

Wuzzles puzzles with answers

Wuzzles puzzle 2


Wuzzles puzzle 3

puzzle with answer

Wuzzles puzzle 4

Wuzzles puzzles with answers 3

Wuzzles puzzle 5

word rebus

Wuzzles puzzle 6

Difficult wuzzles puzzles

For the really die-hard puzzlers, we have put together a list of difficult wuzzles puzzles, many of which have been given four or five stars. Just sit down and relax. Can you solve these difficult puzzles? Well done. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

difficult wuzzles puzzles 2

Difficult wuzzles 1

difficult wuzzles puzzles

Difficult wuzzles 2

difficult wuzzles puzzles 3

Difficult wuzzles 3


Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2
Broken heart

Puzzle 3
Blanket (Blank ET)

Puzzle 4
Last dance

Puzzle 5
Sit ups

Puzzle 6
Back to the future (2 reversed is back; tomorrow is the future) 

Escape room home game

Do you really love solving puzzles?

Have you ever played an Escape room?

When playing an Escape room, you and your friends/family/colleagues are locked in a room. In this room you will find several puzzles which you have to solve in order to escape.

Wuzzles puzzles with answers

Puzzle 1
Get into shape

Puzzle 2
Just right

Puzzle 3
Tulips ('two' lips)

Puzzle 4
No one knows (no 1, no's)

Puzzle 5
Right between the eyes 

Puzzle 6
Back in five minutes

Answers difficult wuzzles puzzles

Puzzle 1
Somewhere over the rainbow

Puzzle 2
Right under the nose

Puzzle 3
No one to blame (no 1, 2, blame)

More riddles, brainteasers and puzzles?

Do you like these puzzles. We also have some fun rebus puzzles for you to solve. A page full of other bamboozables! Or check out our free e-book with 54 puzzles. Do you want to receive it for free? Then request it below.

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