The Challenge

The Challenge is a collection of 10 short games. The average length of each individual game is about 20 minutes. Teams are playing against each other in these games. You don’t have to be big athlete to play this Challenge. Their won’t be any physically skills asked from the players.

The game is about agility, creativity, being smart, but most of all …. About TEAMWORK!

It’s possible to play all 10 games and make it a tournament, but it’s also possible to play just a few individual games. You can even remix the teams by the start of a new game.

Flea market


Without being to detailed and spoiling the surprise of the 10 games, you can see some hints by viewing the pictures on this page. The pictures represent 3 of the 10 games…. 


So, do you want to have a lot of fun with your family, friends or colleagues, being together and still do something ? Than the Challenge is a must have!


bottle music

Duration: +/- 3 a 4 hours totally, (average 20 minutes per game)

Preparition: just a few: You have to bring some common objects, which are described in the explanation of the game rules.

It is possible to play this game without a game master. So you can play yourself as well.

Price: € 17,50

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You get 2 e-mails (one from to print, with all the rules and games in it.