Secret Code – The 25 Most Original secret codes and ciphers to decipher

Secret codes and ciphers, we love them. That won't surprise you. Because let's face it, if you make an Escape Room, there must always be a puzzle with a good secret code. The trick is always to come up with a secret code that is not too easy and that also fits within the theme. Are you going to make a secret code for your children or for an escape room assignment? Then take a look at our list with the 25 best secrets.

This mirror secret code is always fun and not too difficult to create. Everyone has a mirror at home to decipher the text.
How do you create a mirroring text?

  • Open 'Word' on your computer
  • Create a text box on your worksheet with 'insert' – 'text box'.
  • Write the text you want in the text box.
  • Then click (with your right mouse button) on the text box and choose 'format text'.
  • Click on the pen icon and then you will adjust the data for 3D rotation.
  • Set X-rotation to 180 degrees.
Escape room for kids

Looking for a ready-made Escape Room for children?

Interactive Escape Room for groups of children up to 13 years old. Nice for in the classroom. With a lot of secret codes and ciphers.

Pigpen cipher secret code

You have probably seen this secret code. The funny thing is that it has a lot of different names. But, whatever it's called, this is how it works. Each letter is equivalent to a shape it is in. Sometimes as a box, sometimes with a dot. Are you going to get started with a secret code for children? Then you should not miss this one.

pigpen cipher secret code

Creating a secret code with sentences without vowels

This secret code sounds very simple. But trust us, kids really enjoy trying to read sentences like this. You have to pay attention when you create it, because sometimes it is quite difficult to write a sentence without a vowel.

Tr t rslf n r cmptr, s wht t ss? 

Sign language as a secret code

For each letter there is a gesture with your hands. It does take some practice to learn this. But it also makes it very special to be able to communicate like this.

If you are going to use it as a game, for example, hang the explanation of the different gestures with the letters somewhere. In addition, make a video with one word or have it portrayed another.

Sign language as a secret code

Polybius square

The Polybius square is a coding in which letters and numbers are placed in a 5 by 5 table. This secret code is named after the Greek scholar Polybius, who invented this secret code as early as 200 BC.

The cipher works with coordinates. Which gives you the number first horizontally, then vertically. For example 23 is the letter M. Can you decipher what it says with the diagram below?

53, 43, 13, 45, 21, 42, 54, 34

Secret code polybius square

Matoran alphabet

There are many secret codes with icons that represent letters. Don't ask us why, but we are always very charmed by this Matoran alphabet. Probably because you can use it so beautifully in all kinds of graphic applications. As a cipher, this alphabet is extremely suitable to be used as icons in a graphical application. For example , you can nicely process the circles in a motif and have a secret code deciphered.

Matoran alphabet

Deciphering Emoji Secret Code for Kids

If we then go straight to the secret codes with symbols, then it’s great to do this with emojis. This is especially fun with children. You can send sentences to each other via WhatsApp in order to decipher this secret code.

Deciphering Emoji Secret Code

Braille as a secret code

A great invention to be able to read: Braille! But also very nice to use as a secret code. You can display the dots in different ways to create your secret code. For example, lay down materials in Braille. Or put different colours of pushpin in Braille on a plate. Get creative!

Braille as a secret code

Create code wheel

How to make your own code wheel to decipher a cipher? It really doesn't have to be that difficult. How does it work? Put an encryption somewhere, so you know how to decipher this cipher. Then you can drop a hidden message, which you can decipher by turning the code wheel.

The Pharaoh's treasure

Ready-made Escape Room for children.

Search for the Pharaoh's treasure, or you'll be locked up forever...

Create Morse code cipher

Morse code was invented as early as 1835, by how could it be otherwise, mister Samuel Morse .. Morse is a code that consists of long and short tones. We then put them down as (short) dots or as dashes. There are several morse generators on the internet to convert the code into sounds. But it is also nice to display the code, for example with lights. This can easily be done, for example, with a flashlight, with which you pass on codes. This way you can make your own creative secret code.

Create SMS code

For the slightly older ones among us, deciphering this cipher will be a breeze. Remember on your old Nokia when you had to type a simple text message. It gave you an RSI thumb! An SMS code works as follows: If you want an A, you click the 1 button once. If you want a B, you click the 1 button twice, etc. Do you know what it says here?

decipher secret code sms

Secret code without spaces

How easily can you read a text without spaces?


If you occasionally hide a different capital letter in between, you can make a super fun secret code for children. Simple and funny.

Secret code that points to a book

You can create a code language that refers to a passage from a book. Refer to a book you have on your shelf or online. For example, put down the title followed by p18, r5, w3. Then you refer to the 18th page, line number 5 and you take the 3rd word. This way you can decipher a secret sentence with several words from the book.

Semaphore alphabet

If you are scouting or work in the shipping industry, then you are probably familiar with this semaphore alphabet. Normally you will see signals with two flags, which can be held in eight positions. In total there are many different possibilities, which are linked to a letter of the alphabet.

semaphore alphabet

Secret code with wingdings font

We used to make a lot of secrets with this in class. Wingdings. It is a word font, where each letter and number represent a separate symbol. For example, you can even place entire texts and letters as a secret code. But be careful. It's just as easy to crack the computer again. Watch out for little brothers who want to read your secret diary. Do you know what it says here?

Secret code windings

From numbers to secret code letters

Another secret code that we all know from primary school. Each letter of the alphabet represents a number. Where a=1, b=2, c=3 etc. If you are going to set up a quest and are looking for a simple secret code to decipher, apply it. Known and successful with every child!

Convert coordinates to ciphers

Do you want to map out a route, with a text linked in cipher code below? Then it is fun to work with the coordinates of a map. Coordinates are often written in latitude and longitude. The latitude goes with N(orth) and S(outh) with a number of degrees between 0 and 90. The longitude is the position E(ast) and W(est). Here the degrees are between 0 and 180 degrees.

Google maps uses decimal degrees without N or S. If you click on a location, you can see what these decimals are. For example, put five of those numbers in a row as a secret code and you can take the first letters of the city as a secret code.

convert coordinates to ciphers

Create code language through a barcode

Barcodes are a super fun way to create a secret code. A barcode is of course also a code language in real life, but in a game or treasure hunt, for example, it is a fun way to decipher a secret code. You can display the barcodes as letters, or convert barcodes to Morse code. Where a thick stripe is a long tone and a thin stripe is a short tone.

Hieroglyphics as a secret code

Unbelievable! Hieroglyphs have been around since 3100 BC. They probably wouldn't have thought it would ever be used as a fun Escape room secret code. Are you going to make this secret code? Note that hieroglyphs use the same character for some letters in our alphabet. For example, the K and the C.

Vigenère figures

The Vigenère cipher is one of the most difficult codes to decipher. Crypto analysts love this type of ciphers. It works like an encryption, where a secret key word is converted using another (clear) text. This conversion is done in a large table with the alphabet both horizontally and vertically. We will show here a Vigenère example cipher.

You have the 'clear text'. This is actually the outcome of your Vigenère code. We have chosen 'Look in the drawer' here. You shade these letters in the left vertical part. You also have a keyword. In our case 'games'. These letters are in red in the horizontal part. And the secret text, is what comes out. Making the code works like this: First find the L on the left and combine it with the G of games. You get that the R. Continue in this way until you have converted all the letters. Where you use the keyword as often as necessary. Pretty complicated secret huh...

Vigenère cipher
decipher viginere figure

Music notes secret code

Are you going to make a secret code with a group of music lovers? Then you should not miss this one. Musical notes basically go from A to G, but you can of course vary this. Or have missing letters entered in a sentence that does occur with A to G. It takes some creativity, but it's a super fun way to come up with a secret code.

Crack code tap

With the tap code, the letters of the alphabet are in a table, just like with the Polybius square. You can find out the letters by listening or watching how many taps, or 'ticks' there are. In addition, the number of ticks of the vertical row is added first and then the ticks of the horizontal row.

How to make a Caesar code?

The cipher named after Julius Caesar is still widely used. You can also see it under the term ROT. You give a pre-encryption for how much the alphabet changes place. For example ROT3, then the alphabet moves three places. Then A->D, B->E etc. A super old secret code, but still fun and simple to make.

Runic alphabet

This alphabet has also been used as a cipher for a long time. Because they are such angular shapes, it is ideal for scratching into something. If you are going on a quest in the forest, scratch a hidden code in a trunk (which is on the ground!) to decipher.

Secret code runic alphabet

HTML colour codes as secret code

Did you know that every colour has its own codes? For example, a colour consists of an RGB code, for example, the blue of these letters has the code #0f72d6 . Want to create a secret code language? Or use a safe code for an Escape Room? Then you can create a colour secret code. For example, use every first letter from a colour code and make a word with it. Do you want to create a secret code with the colour codes? Then make the colour codes here .

Which secret code are you going to make?

Have you become really excited about all those secrets? We are of course very curious how you have used them. Will you let us know? Do you want more tips on how to use these secrets, for example, when making your own escape room?

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