Rebus puzzles with answers

Rebus puzzles with answers are a kind of riddle. Word games is also a good name. You usually can see a few letters, but actually in the rebus puzzle you see a word or sometimes a sentence. In fact, you just have to read literally what is written in the rebus puzzle. The first one you do can take quite a long time to solve.

We have divided the rebus puzzles into categories for you. There are rebus puzzles for adults and tricky rebus puzzles. They are sometimes also fun to do for children, but maybe a bit difficult. If you are going to do the rebuses in your classroom, start with the funny rebus puzzles for children for example.

Still can't work it out? No problem. They are all rebus puzzles with answers. You can find them at the bottom of the page.

Have fun!

Rebus puzzles with answers

To warm up, we have a few fun rebus puzzles that are not to difficult. Can you see the solution? Good luck!

Rebus puzzzles wit answers

Rebus puzzle 1

Rebus puzzzles wit answers 1

Rebus puzzle 2

Rebus puzzzles wit answers 2

Rebus puzzle 3

Rebus puzzles for adults

These rebus puzzles are slightly more difficult. Therefore, they are more suitable for adults to solve. Note that the answer does not always have to be a word. Sometimes it can also be a small sentence.

rebus puzzles for adults

Rebus puzzle for adults 1

rebus puzzles for adults 1

Rebus puzzle for adults  2

rebus puzzles for adults 2

Rebus puzzle for adults  3

rebus puzzles for adults with answers 1

Rebus puzzle for adults 4

rebus puzzles for adults with answers 2

Rebus puzzle for adults  5

puzzles rebus

Rebus puzzle for adults  6

Escape room home game

Do you really love solving riddles?

Have you ever played an Escape room?

When playing an Escape room, you and your friends/family/colleagues are locked in a room. In this room you will find several puzzles which you have to solve in order to escape.

Tricky rebus puzzles with answers

Are you a real pro at puzzles? Then why not try solving these tricky rebus puzzles? They are really tricky. Can't solve it? Then find the answers to these tricky rebus puzzles at the bottom of the page.

tricky rebus puzzles with answers

Tricky rebus puzzle 1

tricky rebus puzzles with answers 2

Tricky rebus puzzle 2

tricky rebus puzzles with answers 1

Tricky rebus puzzle 3

Funny rebus puzzles

We found these puzzles very funny. But that is not to say that they are easy rebus puzzles. They are quite difficult to solve.

funny rebus puzzles

Funny rebus puzzle 1

funny rebus puzzles 2

Funny rebus puzzle 2

funny rebus puzzles 1

Funny rebus puzzle 3

funny rebus puzzles with answer

Funny rebus puzzle 4

funny rebus puzzles 5

Funny rebus puzzle 5

funny rebus puzzles 6

Funny rebus puzzle 5

The Pharaoh's treasure

Do you solve the rebus puzzles with your kids?

Then we're sure you'll also find this super fun: An Escape room for kids at home. With cool and interactive riddles and brain crunchers for kids. Your kids will love it. 

The Escape Room the Pharaoh's treasure can be played at any location.

Rebus puzzles with answers

Rebus puzzle 1

Rebus puzzle 2

Rebus puzzle 3

Answers puzzles for adults

Rebus puzzle 1
For once in my life (4x1 in my life)

Rebus puzzle 2
Comfortable (Come 4 table)

Rebus puzzle 3
Mountain (Mount 10x)

Rebus puzzle 4
In between jobs

Rebus puzzle 5
Metaphor (Meta x4)

Rebus puzzle 6
Be inspired (B in spired)

Answers tricky puzzles

Rebus puzzle 1

Rebus puzzle 2
Missing you (no U in the alphabet)

Rebus puzzle 3
No one understands

Answers funny rebus puzzles

Rebus puzzle 1
For instance

Rebus puzzle 2
Scrambled eggs

Rebus puzzle 3
One night stand. Number 'One' + Knight + st + and

Rebus puzzle 4
Split level

Rebus puzzle 5
Try to understand (Try 2 under 'stand')

Rebus puzzle 6

We have not only fun rebus puzzles, but also other puzzles to solve. To make it easy for you, we have put them in an e-book. No less than 54 puzzles! Do you want to receive it for free? Then request it below.