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Quest for children’s party or school party

A quest with chalk on the sidewalk? No, that's really not possible anymore. The kids expect you to really try a little bit better than that. Fortunately, we have very affordable ready-made quests, with which you can make the children's eyes twinkle and make them smile from ear to ear. These quests are a mix of interactive Escape puzzles, where you have to solve a mystery. At the same time, you will only find out by doing a quest.

Depending on the age of the children (7-10 years or 4-7 years), you can choose from 2 super fun and challenging quests. Let the kids enjoy!

Quest - School Burglary
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Below we will briefly describe both games:

Quest - The missing dog (4 - 7 years)

A dog has disappeared from an old woman and the children are asked to find it. At each intersection there is a question or assignment for the children. The outcome determines which way the children should go. And slowly it becomes clear where the dog has gone.

Paw prints, contact with the dog's old owner, comparing dog species, the dog's friend, his favourite toy and food are all topics that come up to find the dog.

Bouncing, the children will walk this quest and of course ensure that the old woman gets her beloved dog back.

Quest - School Burglary (7 - 10 Years)

Oh no, the school has been broken into. Fortunately, many traces of the perpetrator can still be found. The children go in search of the perpetrator during their children's party or during a pleasant afternoon at school.

Kids love this kind of quest with a secret message. And even the spelling of a note from the thief is important to identify the thief in this quest.

The game master is given a route that he/she can set out in his/her own district. With each assignment, the outcome will lead to a direction in which the children have to walk. A great game for a children's party, but of course also for school classes.

  • Are you looking for a children's party for 4 - 10 year olds?
  • Or are you looking for the school year-end party game to play with the whole class?
  • And should it be affordable?
Then you have found what you were looking for: a ready-made, interactive quest.

With educational and interactive quest assignments

The quests of Playgroupgame.com are more of a mix between Escape assignments, which are processed in a quest. By thinking logically and solving puzzles, the children walk the right route. And importantly, they solve the mystery as they go. The interactive way of sending WhatsApp codes, scanning QR codes and listening to sound fragments make these quests for children super special and challenging.

This is what makes it so much fun!
  • Interactive through sound fragments, QR codes and by sending codes.
  • Can be played with the whole class or at a children's party.
  • Ready-made, can be played at any location and easy to map out for the game master.
  • Super educational for children through the use of sums, spelling, logical reasoning, etc. Ideal in front of classes.

Running a quest is always fun and exciting, but even more so when every outcome of the investigation determines which way the children have to go next.

Fingerprints, footprints and a message from the school headmaster are just a few of the clues the children have to investigate during this quest.  

An ideal way to fill in the end of year party at school, but also to surprise the children at a children's party. No more sitting on their backs, but actively finding the perpetrator of this burglary at school together.  

The supervisor walks with the children on this quest. The game is interactive, so the game facilitator/parent must bring their phone.  

For only a small price, this is a guarantee for an afternoon full of fun!

What do you get with these quests?

Within 5 minutes after your order and payment, you will receive the quest in your e-mail. We've made it easy for you, because you'll receive:

  • The script, in which everything is explained to you step by step. This means that you as game master are well prepared when the game starts. And with:
  • Materials for the quest. You print this and display it on the route on the day of the quest. How you do that is all described in this manual.


How much does these quests cost?

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What is the difference between the two quests?

Does a supervisor have to accompany the children?

Where can the game be played?

Can I play the quest more often?

My child does not like animals, is the quest for young children fun to play?

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