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Pub Quiz – ‘A great game for an unforgettable night’

Discover how you can turn a boring, not so special evening with friends, family, or maybe even your club, into an unforgettable and super fun evening with this challenging Pub Quiz.

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Are you ready to compete with other teams? Does your team know the most about different subjects? Have you played a Pub Quiz before? If so, then you know how much fun it is to compete in a team with the other teams.

The Pub Quiz was originally organised in pubs. But nowadays it is also played a lot during family weekends, friends weekends, or just during a nice evening at home. It turns your evening into a special night. You can easily organize a Pub Quiz yourself, just at home, at work, or at your sports club.

Have you never played a Pub Quiz before? Probably you've heard of it then. And if not, we'll explain it to you. A Pub Quiz often consists of a number of rounds with different topics and questions. Music questions are always included, super fun to sing along, or just enjoy the music. But it's not just about music, the questions can be about anything. If you want to read more about the Pub Quiz take a look at

Would you like to experience a guaranteed super fun evening with your friends, family, colleagues or maybe your music club or sports club?
At least prevent it from becoming a boring evening, where everyone is gawking halfway through and one after the other drops out and goes home early?
And are you looking for a unique and great game to surprise and entertain your group?
Then we have a Pub Quiz for you that they will never forget.

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A team knows more than one person.

The nice thing is, that you can make good use of all the knowledge (yes... also that information on that hard disk in your head of which you always thought 'what should I do with this') in your team to come forward as a winning team. You really don't have to be a student or intelligent person to do this. Everyone can participate.

Of course it is useful if you know a lot, but you will find out that together with your team you can answer a lot of questions. One knows a lot about Television, the other in your team knows more about Music or all other topics in this Pub Quiz.

You know what's so great about this Pubquiz?

This Pub Quiz provides plenty of excitement, including the enjoyable Music Round, but also all the other questions where everyone will be on the edge of their seats. Fanatical looks, whispers in the teams to give nothing away to other teams, red cheeks of excitement and satisfied faces when they have answered another question correctly.
So it certainly won't be a boring evening.


What a super fun quiz you've put together. We had a lot of fun with a large group of adults and because of the variety of questions it is easy to do (not too easy and not too difficult). Highly recommended! Also because it is immediately ready to play including rules, score form. And the game is not expensive.



On our family weekend we played the Pub Quiz. Very nice to do this together and to see the fanaticism of everyone (even my father of 78 years old).
Because of the diversity of questions it remains fun and exciting for everyone. Also the little ones (10, 11 years old) knew an answer now and then and remained involved.
Thanks and till next year!


We made it super easy for you

You'll have this Pub Quiz in 5 minutes.

You click on the 'Add to Cart' button below. Then you will automatically be directed to the shopping basket, where you can choose to order the Pub Quiz. After placing your order, you will immediately receive an email with all the necessary documents to play the game. You save the documents on your computer, laptop, tablet and play.

And the Pub Quiz is not expensive at all. For this price you get a complete ready-made quiz.

What can I expect from the Pub Quiz?

But the most important thing is of course the Pubquiz itself. We have put together 10 rounds with 10 questions each. So 100 questions in total, in which we searched for those gems of questions that make everyone in your group smile, but also make them think. The questions will occasionally make people laugh and then they will have to think seriously again. 'Cause yeah... I know that answer, don't I? Then why don't I just come up with it?'

Difficult or easy?

We divided the 100 questions in such a way that there are nice questions for everyone. Not only in terms of topics, but also for young adults and older people. It doesn't matter that you didn't graduate cum laude or are the smartest boy or girl in the class. This quiz is a fun challenge for everyone.

And of course you play in a team, so what you don't know, another member of your team might know. And what they don't know, you might know. This prevents people from finding it too easy or too difficult and therefore dropping out, but it also prevents it from getting boring.

What will you receive by ordering this game?

  • The script, containing a simple explanation of the game for the game leader and a checklist of useful tips to make it a great success. Read it in 5 minutes and start playing.
  • 10 PowerPoint documents, 1 for each round of 10 pub quiz questions. We made them for convenience in PowerPoint, making them easy for anyone to play. They contain pictures, music and of course the questions.
  • Response forms for the teams, which you can print out as much as you need.
  • A handy score form, on which you can keep track of the scores per round for all teams.

A complete package, so that you can start playing immediately after you order. And the good news for you is that as a game leader you can just play along. Don't look at the answers beforehand :-).

Game leader can just play along

As a game leader you can play this game very well yourself. Tips for this can be found in the script that comes with the Pub Quiz.
In addition, you have little preparation with this game. You could order the game now and start playing within an hour.
The best thing is to play the Pub Quiz with a beamer and a large screen. The teams will be able to see the questions clearly and they will be able to sing along to the music rounds.

For which groups is the Pubquiz suitable?

For (sports) clubs, who want to provide their members with a great evening and more turnover for the club.

But also for families, who are looking for an activity during a family day or weekend, in which the teenagers as well as grandparents can join in.

And how about your own group of friends, where you compete with each other, where companionship comes first.

For a pub, that wants to give its customers a nice evening and gets extra turnover because the pub is full.

For companies, the Pub Quiz is great to play during a team outing, or as a relaxation during an extensive work meeting.

An example question: 50% of people give the wrong answer to this question.

Do you know which muscle in the body is strongest?
A. The triceps
B. The thigh muscle
C. The anus
D. The tongue
The right answer >>>                   

Did you know? Congratulations! This question belongs to the category 'Unnecessary facts' of the Pub Quiz.

How do you play the Pubquiz?

Enjoy an afternoon or evening of team play with and against each other to find out who are the smartest in all kinds of different areas of knowledge. 100 pub quiz questions are the challenge for you and your team members. Finally you can use all the useless information and trivia you have stored on that hard drive in your head. With the Pubquiz you don't prove which IQ you have, but it's more about knowledge and of course... working together.

The game is easy to play. In 10 rounds with 10 questions the team that has the most correct answers wins. You will spend an average of 3 to 4 hours playing all 10 rounds. If you don't have time for 10 rounds, you can shorten the group game to fewer rounds.

Which 10 rounds?

The 10 rounds are about names, topography, a music round (digital so with music fragments of all kinds of music), about the news of the past period (well... you've read something about it and now... you don't know), television, sports and 4 more surprising topics. You need the knowledge of all team members to beat the other teams. All in all a nice game for a friends weekend or family weekend. This quiz is also often played with colleagues, this gives you an advantageous team outing. The Pubquiz is a game that falls into the kind of group games that can still be played with a lot of players.

Suitable for small and large groups

This Pubquiz, is fun to play with a small group, from 4 persons. But also suitable to play with a very large group, with multiple teams. 

Because of the different types of pub quiz questions, this game can be played well with different ages (from 15 years). With your company you play this pubquiz in teams against each other.

And you don't have to be in a pub for this quiz. You can play this quiz at your own chosen location.

Pub quiz avond

Ordering the Pub Quiz

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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our Pub Quiz. If you can't find the answer and you still have a question: we are almost always available (including weekends). Ask your question: Whatsapp: 06-83777853; email: [email protected] We are happy to help you :-).


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