How to create the best Pub Quiz questions for your (virtual) General Knowledge Pub Quiz

We love pub quiz questions. Do you remember it? The time when we played pub quizzes in pubs!

But because of the pandemic, we are forced to organise more pub quizzes online. How do you arrange this? And which pub quiz questions will you ask? As real games fanatics, we would like to help you organise and create your own pub quiz questions.

Good luck quizmaster!

Pub quiz questions

In this blog:

1. Some important things to think about and tips to help you create pub quiz questions.
2. A link to our very own ready-made pub quiz, which is guaranteed to give you and your group (online) a great time (no questions asked)
3. A link to our very own Quiz Page, where you can play a free round of quizzes.
4. Pub quiz questions 2020 might be what you are looking for. It would be going too far to create up all the pub quiz questions 2020 here, but here is a tip on how you can very easily create questions about 2020.

Topics pub quiz question rounds

Before you start thinking about the pub quiz questions, you first have to decide what are the most fun topics for your group for the various rounds during the pub quiz. This depends first of all on the average age of the players taking part. If you are playing in a nursing home, it does not make much sense to do music rounds with songs that are listed in the current charts. Conversely, with young children, there is no point in asking too many historical questions.  In football canteens the participants will mainly be male and in tennis canteens it is more of a mix.

The level of the group also determines the difficulty of the pub quiz questions and answers. Usually, you will find that there is a mix of ages, men and women, with higher and lower education. So it is important to have quiz questions that everyone will enjoy.

Pub quiz

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Trivia questions

So for each topic, think about what types you have within this topic. For example, with Food & Drink you can choose: vegetables, fruit, snacks, desserts, juices, alcoholic drinks, foreign dishes, recipes, etc. It is a matter of brainstorming. Get some pen and paper and start writing. First the subjects and then the types you can think of.

Another idea is to use the trivia format. Then there will be 6 rounds: Entertainment, Art & Literature, Geography, Science & Nature, Sports & Recreation and History. Triviant questions still put a smile on the face of many people.

And finally, it is of course fun to make up a round of pub quiz questions and answers about your own club. Example tennis club: who won the men's singles in 2020 at our club championships? Who was the employee of the past year? How many members has our club? Or how many children are members of our club?

Once you have worked out which topics to choose, it is time to think about the types of pub quiz questions and answers. Our standard pub quiz that we offer is a true general knowledge quiz, but besides the content, it is also important that the quiz questions are fun. Funny quiz questions always go down well in a room. After all, you want people to have a good laugh, they want to be entertained.

Types of general knowledge quiz questions

Within the types of pub quiz questions you can choose:

  • multiple choice questions
  • statement questions (about a picture for example): are they both correct, both incorrect or is one of them correct
  • open questions
  • Estimation questions; this is also a very fun way of asking your pub quiz questions. The team that gives the best estimate for a certain question, wins 2 points, the team that comes second: 1 point. The rest gets no points at all.
  • 1 to 1 questions; you can include a round, where the teams have to answer questions against each other in a kind of knock-out race. With 16 teams you can continue like this until there is only one team left. The numbers 1, 2 and 3 then get points, the rest won't. You can use estimation questions for this. So the team that gives the best estimate of the two goes on to the next round. If you have more than 16 teams, say 18, then you can play some kind of preliminary round. From 16 onwards, in a knock-out system, you will automatically end up with 2 finalists. You can do this between teams or by a representative per team.

Variety in types of pub quiz questions is of course the most fun.

Pub quiz questions and answers

Music questions in the pub quiz

The music round is the round in which you can elevate the mood with your pub quiz questions. Try to play music fragments with each pub quiz question and if you add a few sing-alongs, the will definitely like it! You can easily add a fragment in a Powerpoint. Make sure the fragments are short (about half a minute). This is easy to do with all kinds of music editing programs. We use Audacity for this.

And as I said: fun quiz questions are always good. Include a few sing-alongs in your 10 questions.

With pub quiz questions about music you can choose to listen to a fragment and then:

  • ask the name of the performer and the title of the song
  • stop the fragment and let the teams finish the sentence
  • play 2 fragments run through each other

But you can also show only the lyrics of a song, or part of the lyrics. And then ask them who the performer is and the title of the song. Or mix up the lyrics of two songs, which always results in funny quiz questions.

And as a final tip: not everything has to be difficult. A few questions out of ten should just be very easy. But of course, there are also a few pub quiz questions that only a few people can guess. If the music is not that well-known, you can consider making it a multiple choice pub quiz question.

A pub quiz without music questions is unthinkable. Always hold the music round at a moment when you want to bring the energy back. So not at the beginning of the quiz, because then everyone is still focused, but somewhere halfway, for example.

Music quiz

Pub quiz - Images and videos

A beamer will help you to clearly communicate your pub quiz questions and answers to all the people present.  Some quiz nights easily attract a few hundred people. So it is important that your sound is good (microphone!) and that the players can see a screen on which they can read the question. Otherwise, you will constantly hear: 'I did not hear the question' and then you can literally repeat every question. That takes an awful lot of time and is a waste.

And a screen is of course handy if you are going to use pub quiz questions and answers in which images and videos can be seen. Visualisation makes a quiz just plain fun. There are lots of nice images and videos out there. Make sure that the images are compressed, so that your PowerPoint continues to work fast. Very large pictures (in MB's we mean) or movies can slow it down or in the worst case not work at all. And that causes great frustration for both you as a presenter and the players.

Pub quiz questions Images:

  • Pictures that you ask a question about: this river, what country is it in and how long is it?
  • Logo questions: which brand's logo do you see here?
  • Partially covered pictures: Who or what is shown on the part of the picture that is covered? Or what is missing on the photo ?
  • Zoomed pictures: what is this object? You zoom in so far that only part of the object can be seen.
  • 4 pictures; which of these pictures is the odd one out?

Videos in a Pub quiz

You can also do fun things with videos. If you want to integrate a Youtube movie in your pub quiz questions, you can do so in a few simple steps:

  • Go to the videos on Youtube.
  • Click on 'Share' below the video.
  • The link to the video will be displayed, and underneath it is the word 'Copy'. Click on it.
  • Go to your PowerPoint and paste the video into your pub quiz.

You can also choose to download a Youtube video and paste it into your pub quiz powerpoint. You can do this very easily with the website The advantage of this is that you do not need an internet connection when playing the pub quiz.

Great questions to ask about films include:

  • What is the name of this film?
  • name 2 actors who play in this film
  • Which of the following actors does not play in this film?
  • How does this fragment end? Especially in the field of sports, you can find very nice videos here. But there are also plenty of blooper films on the internet and they are always a success.
  • what sound do you hear? This is a listening question, in which you play a sound. The teams have to guess what they think they hear.
Questions about movies

Make pub quiz questions as quizmaster fun and exciting

A general knowledge quiz and trivia questions do not sound like a lot of fun and that is exactly what you want to achieve with your pub quiz. That is why there are a number of things you can do to make the pub quiz even more fun and to get the crowd going. The common thread is: surprise the people in the room.

  • Use jokers; it is fun if teams can use a joker during one round. Ask the teams to bring a mascot with them that evening. They can put it on the table for 1 round, so everyone can see that their team gets double points for each correct answer in that round of the pub quiz. 
  • Take away points: for pub quiz questions and answers you will normally earn 1 point per correct answer. But what if you could deduct 1 point from a team of your choice each round? That way you can slow down the good teams, which keeps the game exciting for longer. Besides that, it is fun to see how they react to each other and then take a point away from the other team in the next round.- Do not give all the answers to the pub quiz questions yourself, but when you go through the answers, involve the crowd. Ask individual players what their team answered there. It creates interactivity. 
  • Play a few intermediate questions between rounds. Everyone participates at the same time. The one who calls it out in the room first wins a point for his team.
  • Let the team that loses in a round choose the next round. They can then choose some kind of pub quiz questions, with which they think they can score more points. For example, if you have 20 rounds of pub quiz questions and answers, they can choose a total of 10. So there are also 10 rounds will not be played. Disadvantage of this is that you have to make 20 rounds and only use 10.

Also important in the best quiz ever:

  • Play nice music between rounds to keep the mood going.
  • Ask if they are ready for the next question.
  • Add some humour, for example include a funny photo from a previous party of the club, which still makes everyone laugh. Then say that the photo was inserted by accident.
  • Let the teams cheat on each other. For example, the team that finished at the bottom of the table in the previous round gets a 'sweet' / a 'bonus' or whatever you want to call it. With this they can see the answers, or part of the answers, of a team of their choice (first few questions).
  • Give a drawing assignment. Have the teams draw a logo themselves. As presenter, you give points to the 3 best drawings, the rest will get no points at all.

Excited to play some quiz questions? Check out our page with General Knowlegde pub quiz questions.

Pub quiz Questions 2020

If you are looking for Pub quiz Questions 2020, then you should definitely browse the archives of the newspaper. You can click here by month and then by day and you will get dozens of ideas, as all the news about that day is collected there.

If you want to make a total quiz with Pub quiz questions, first come up with 10 topics and then ask 10 questions about these topics. We will help you on your way. How about:

  • Sports (Which Formula 1 driver crashed on the Bahrain circuit on 29 November 2020? Romain Grosjean) Topography,
  • Events (festivals, concerts etc),
  • Television and Film (No Time to Die is the new James Bond film that was supposed to come out in 2020 but was postponed due to Corona.  Who sang the title song? Billie Eilish),
  • Famous people,
  • Domestic news, Foreign news,
  • Music (The South African song Jerusalema was a world hit in 2020 thanks to its catchy dance. It is super popular on TikTok. Do you know which South African DJ made this song? Master KG)
General Knowledge Pub Quiz 2020

Pub quiz questions only about 2020 in a Pub quiz is rather boring, but at least 1 round should be about the news of the past period. Our Pub quiz always contains at least 1 round about the past period, so these are Pub quiz questions about 2020.

Do you already want to test your 2020 knowledge? Check these Pub quiz questions 2020.

We hope you have a great fun Pub quiz

We hope that by now a lot of good ideas have entered your brain, which will help you to create a super-fun pub quiz with fun quiz questions. This way, your general knowledge quiz will not be boring, but a lot of fun.

And if, after reading this blog, your courage is getting the better of you, you can also make it easy for yourself. For only € 29,12 you can order our pub quiz. More info about our Pub quiz. A general knowledge quiz full of fun questions for your group. Completely ready to use and of course for a room of 100 people it costs absolutely nothing.

This will make your birthday party or your evening at the sports club a great success.

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