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Every week we post new picture brain teasers on our Facebook page.  A lot of people like to solve these picture brain teasers with answers. There are some really hard brain teasers, medium riddles, hard riddles for teens, but of course also some easy picture brain teasers. So these brain teasers can be enjoyed by everyone, adults and children.

As there is nothing so annoying as a puzzle you can't solve while you can’t find the answer either. It is so frustrating to watch a magician do his tricks. And in the end, when you ask: 'how did you just do that?', you always get the same answer: 'a magician never explains his tricks'. On this picture brain teasers page you can also find the answers and explanations at the bottom of the page (chapter: just riddles answers)

Have fun solving these picture brain teasers!

Picture brain teasers with answers 

Do you also like picture brain teasers? We can't get enough of them. But you know what we often find irritating? That the answer is not in there. That's why we've put together these fun picture brain teasers with answers for you. Good luck solving them. 

riddle dices

Picture brain teasers 1

Which Cup

Picture brain teasers 2

picture brain teasers mastermind

Picture brain teasers 3

Mind riddles numbers

Picture brain teasers 4

Picture brain teasers with answers

Picture brain teasers 5

Riddle Jim lied

Picture brain teasers 6

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Hard brain teasers Clock

Picture brain teasers 7

Mind riddle Hyroglyphics

Picture brain teasers 8

Hard brain teasers school

Picture brain teasers 9

hard brain teaser paint

Picture brain teaser 10

Picture brain teaser which day

Picture brain teaser 11

Brain teaser Crack the code

Picture brain teaser 12

picture brain teaser minutes

Picture brain teaser 13

Picture Brain teaser with answers

Picture brain teaser 14

Math brain teasers

Picture brain teaser 15


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brain teasers sum

Picture brain teaser 16

Brain  teaser Baker

Picture brain teaser 17

Picture brain teaser maths

Picture brain teaser 18

Picture brain teaser 19

Picture brain teaser 20

Picture brain teaser 21

Picture brain teaser 21

Picture brain teasers for adults 

What one person might find an easy-to-solve brain teaser, another person might find it a super difficult riddle. The pictures below are therefore really picture brain teasers for adults. The brain teasers for kids can be found at the bottom of this page. Can't you solve it? No problem, we have put the answers to these brain teasers for adults at the bottom of the page. 

Picture brain teasers puzzle

Picture brain teaser for adults 1

Picture brain teasers dice

Picture brain teaser for adults 2

brain teaser cube

Picture brain teaser for adults 3

Brain teasers for adults

Picture brain teaser 4

Mind riddle car in box

Picture brain teaser 5

hard brain teaser

Picture brain teaser 6

Hard brain teasers for adults

Picture brain teaser 7

picture brain teasers lamp

Picture brain teaser 8

Picture brain teasers marbles

Picture brain teaser 9

picture brain teasers for adults

Picture brain teaser 10

picture brain teasers buckets

Picture brain teaser 11

Brain teaser hourglasses

Picture brain teaser 12

Brain teaser sum

Picture brain teaser 13

Word puzzle

Picture brain teaser 14

Picture brain teasers numbers

Picture brain teaser 15

Picture brain teaser 16

Riddle with answers

Picture brain teaser 17

Riddle with answers

Picture brain teaser 18

Picture brain teasers for kids 

Many of our website visitors let us know that they are looking for fun picture brain teasers for the classroom. It’s very nice to do a brain teaser for children in between all the lessons. Fun and educational. Below we have put down some picture brain teasers for kids. Of course, it depends on the level of your child whether it is fun for them to solve. So also take a look at the other riddles for adults. If it's a picture brain teaser with 1 star, then it's also a good brain teaser for kids. Good luck! Oh yes, the answers to these brain teasers for children are also at the bottom of the page. 

Picture brain teaser for kids

Picture brain teaser for kids 1

Picture brain teasers socks

Picture brain teaser for kids 2

Mind riddles dices

Picture brain teaser for kids 3

Picture riddles for kids Halloween sum

Picture brain teaser 4

Mind riddles What is it

Picture brain teaser 5

Picture brain teasers for kids

Picture brain teaser 6

Picture brain teasers prisoner

Picture brain teaser 7

Mind riddles family

Picture brain teaser 8

Riddles for kids Christmas

Picture brain teaser 9

Riddle kids about daughters

Picture brain teaser 10

Fun brain teaser

Picture brain teaser 11

logic puzzle for kids

Picture brain teaser 12

Brain teaser code

Picture brain teaser 13

Brain teaser cake

Picture brain teaser 14

Picture brain teaser 15

Picture brain teaser 16

Riddle with answers

Picture brain teaser 17

Riddle with answers

Picture brain teaser 18

Brain teaser images 

With these brain teaser images, it is a matter of looking closely. Sometimes you see it right away, and sometimes you can look at it for minutes. They are beautiful search images! The brain teaser images are fun to print out and to do with the class, for example. You can find them in our free e-book. Do you want to know the answer to these brain teaser images right away? Then take a look at the bottom of the page. 

Mind riddles

Brain teaser image 1

Picture brain teasers square

Brain teaser image 2

Picture brain teasers counting

Brain teaser image 3

Riddles for teens

Brain teaser image 4

brain teaser images

Brain teaser image 5

Picture brain teasers shapes

Brain teaser image 6

Picture brain teaser Who am I

Brain teaser image 7

Math brain teaser

Brain teaser image 8

school brain teaser

Brain teaser image 9

Brain teaser count

Brain teaser image 10

brain teaser image

Brain teaser image 11

brain teaser images

Brain teaser image 12

Brain teaser image 13

TRiangles riddle

Brain teaser image 14

Brain teaser image 15

Picture brain teasers with answers

Picture brain teasers 1
The answer is 1

Picture brain teasers 2
Answer 5 

Picture brain teasers 3
- If you compare the colours on the first row to the colours on the third row, you'll see that one colour is different, namely yellow has become orange. And instead of 2 colours that are correct (but not in the right place), suddenly there are 3. So the conclusion: yellow is not in there, orange is.
- On the fourth row there are 2 correct colours. One is orange, we know. The other one is purple or blue. Since there are 4 colours out of 6 to be used. So green and red are both correct. So now we have: orange, red and green.
- Orange has to be on the 3rd place.
- In the first row we see red and green that both have to be used. So blue can't be right. So now we have our four colours: red, orange, purple and green.
- Purple is correct in the fourth row. Because in the second row, orange and purple are not in the right place, red must be in the right place there.
- So then the order becomes: red, purple, orange, green and that is: 3562

Picture brain teaser 4
Each row and each column add up to 15. This means that an 8 is placed where the question mark is. 

Picture brain teaser 5
The upper scale shows that the volleyball is 3 times as heavy as the billiard ball. For the sake of convenience, let us say that the volleyball is 3 kilos and the billiard ball 1 kilo.
On the middle scale, we see that 2 volleyballs are just as heavy as a billiard ball and a football. 2 volleyballs weigh 6 kilos and the billiard ball 1 kilo. So the football is 5 kilos.
On the lower scale we see on the left 10 kilos (2 football balls) and on the right 9 kilos (3 volleyballs). So 1 billiard ball is missing.

Picture brain teaser 6
Saturday: On Sunday, Jim speaks the truth, but he did not lie on Saturday. So it can't be Saturday. Sunday: Monday, Jim lies, he lied on Sunday. And that can be right. So it could be Sunday. Monday: Tuesday Jim lies, that he lied on Monday. But he wasn’t because he lied on Monday. So it can't be Monday. Tuesday: Wednesday is the same. So it can't be Tuesday either. Wednesday: Thursday Jim tells the truth, that he lied on Wednesday. That is possible, so it can be Wednesday. Thursday: Friday, Jim tells the truth, that he lied on Thursday, but on Thursday he doesn't lie. So it can't be Thursday. Friday: Saturday it is the same, so it can't be Friday either.

 Then we go and see Judy: So it can only be Monday or Wednesday. Monday: On Tuesday, Judy speaks the truth, but she doesn't lie on Monday. So it can't be Monday. Wednesday: Thursday, Judy lies, and says that Wednesday was a lie. That is indeed a lie, so Wednesday.

So Wednesday is the correct answer.

Picture brain teaser 7
There are two right answers:

1: We take the example of the clock: 9 o'clock. That is 1. But also half past eight (well, actually a few minutes before half past eight, because the small hand is not exactly on the 8 at half past eight). So that is also 1. That makes a total of 2. At 10 o'clock the same happens, also 2x. For example, at every hour on a day, 2x there is a 90-degree angle. Since there are 24 hours in a day, it means that the 90-degree angle occurs 48 times. So the answer is 48 times.

2: Actually (thanks to Henk - a very observant puzzler) the answer must be slightly different. The clock is at 90 degrees at 9:00 and slightly before half past 8, at about 8:27. This repeats itself about every 33 minutes, not every 30 minutes, and 1440/33 ≈ 44, not 48.
So 9 o'clock, a little before half past 8; a little before 8, a little before half past 7; a little before 7. But then we are so much before half past 6 that we have to call it a quarter past 6, and then a quarter before 6; a little after 5, a little after half past 5; a little after 4, a little after half past 4, and so on.

Picture brain teaser 8
Each character is a number that is displayed twice next to each other, but mirrored the second time. The M is actually a 1 and another 1 (but then mirrored against each other). The next sign is a 2. The sign that is missing is a 6 and a mirrored 6, a kind of butterfly is what you will get.

Picture brain teaser 9
For convenience sake we assume there are 100 people. Out of 100 people, 20 people (20%) did not give a right answer. In other words, 80 people gave at least one correct answer.
75 out of these 80 people have question 1 right (75% of all 100 had question 1 right) . In other words, there are 5 people who don't have question 1 correct (but also don't have everything wrong).
There are (80-55=)25 people who didn't answer question 2 correctly but have 1 correct question.
So there are 80 - 5 - 25 = 50 people who answered both questions correctly. So answer D is correct.

Picture brain teaser 10
If it takes 2 painters 2 hours to do 2 rooms, then they take 4 hours to do 4 rooms and 6 hours to do 6 rooms. If you want to have 18 rooms painted in those 6 hours, you will eed 3 times as many painters than those 2, so 6 painters.

Picture brain teaser 11
The answer to this brain teaser is Tuesday.

Picture brain teaser 12
Answer: spades, three, diamonds.
After the first two lines, you know that hearts should not be in first place nor is it in the code.
After line three, you know that it must contain clubs and spades. (Because hearts is not in it, and there are two right, but in the wrong place)
After line four, you know that there are no clubs in it. So you also know that the diamonds from the first row are therefore in the right place.
After line five you know that spades should be in the first place. Because, it has been wrong twice in previous lines. In line two you have 1 correct, but in the wrong place.
The only spot left is the middle one. So that's where the three should be. (Because otherwise, the 1 was in the right spot in line 2).

The Pharaoh's treasure

Escaperoom at home

Another Escape room to play at home. The Pharaoh's Treasure is our second Escape room for kids. Help Tummy the mummy to find the pharaoh's treasure. The children must solve 4 rooms with exciting interactive puzzles to find this treasure. Again 75 minutes of guaranteed fun.

Picture brain teaser 13
Yes, the four of them can be on the other side in exactly 15 minutes. The group has to follow these three steps:

  • First A and B cross the bridge and A brings back the torch. This takes 3 minutes.
  • Next, C and D cross the bridge and B brings back the torch. This takes another 10 minutes.
  • Finally, A and B cross the bridge together again. This takes another 2 minutes.

Picture brain teaser 14
This picture puzzle needs a lot of thought.
If he doubles 1 water plant to 4, he will be busy for 2 days. Because 1 becomes 2 and then the next day 2 becomes 4.
So if he starts with 4 water plants, it will take him 2 days less. And so 30 - 2 = 28 days.

Picture brain teaser 15
Diagonally across the first plus you put a dash, so that it becomes a 4. 545 + 5 +5 = 555

Picture brain teaser 16
A = 57, B = 19. The sum is 57:19 = 3

Picture brain teaser 17
If 1.5 bakers bake 15 loaves in 1.5 days, it means that one baker would bake 10 loaves in the same time (1.5 days). If 1 baker bakes 10 loaves in 1.5 days, it means that 1 baker would only bake ⅔ of 15 loaves in one day. So the answer is ⅔ of 15 = 10.

Picture brain teaser 18
1st row: ABC + ADDA = AEFA, so C =0, because C + A = A so C must be zero
2nd column: ADDA - EFF = FEH, so A=1, because FEH + EFF together can never be bigger than 1998.
3rd column: AEFA + BBG = BCAC, so B = 2, because a 4-digit number starting with 1 plus a 3-digit number produces a number starting with 2. We also know that G = 9, because (units) 1 + G = 0

If you fill in all the known digits, then you can calculate AEFA in the 3rd column, then you can also write down ACAE and EFF in the 2nd row. Then you can calculate AAHE in the first column. And ADDA in the 1st row can be calculated from the 1st row or from the 2nd column, because all the other numbers are known.

Answer brain teaser sum

Picture brain teaser 19
The solution to the crossing riddle is as follows: First, two children take the boat to the other side. One stays there and the other rows back. Then one adult goes to the other side alone. The child who was on the other side now goes back alone. Then you can follow these steps over and over again. This way, all adults and children can get to the other side.

Picture brain teaser 20 The A and the Z are both not on the top row of a keyboard.

Picture brain teaser 21 The fifth friend is playing chess against Birgit 

Answers picture brain teasers for adults

Picture brain teaser 1
40 + 40 + 28 + 28 = 136 pieces

Picture brain teaser 2
The probability of the first dice rolls on for example a 4 is 1/6. The probability of the next one being a 5 is 1/6 again. So 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36. The chance that the 3rd dice is then a 6 is again 1/6. So 1/6 x 1/6 that it will be exactly like this. So 1/216. But...the order doesn't have to be 4, 5, 6. There are also 5 other sequences so that eventually a 4, 5 and 6 are thrown. The sequences can also be: 465, 546, 564, 654, 645. So 6 possibilities in total in order x 1/216 = 6/216 and that is simplified the same as.... 1/36.

Picture brain teaser 3
You might wonder why 5 stars? First of all you have to count well, but then you also have to be so sharp to realize that there are no blocks on the inside... There are a total of 6 sides to the cube each with 5 x 5 = 25 planes. So a total of 150 planes.
Then the number of blocks. At the top of the cube you have 25 blocks. At the bottom you also have 25 blocks. But the rows in between have only 16 blocks each, because the middle 9 blocks are not there. So 98 blocks in total.

Picture brain teaser 4
We start at the top left with 8. Then we multiply each time by 4 and then add 4 again. The answer where you come from is: 592. (8 x 4 = 32 + 4 = 36 x 4 = 144 + 4 = 148 x 4 = 592.

Picture brain teaser 5
If the car is in box 1, then statement 1 and 2 are correct. And so the car is not in box 1 (because there was only one statement). If the car is in box 3, then statement 2 and 3 are correct. And so the car is not in box 3 either. The car is in box 2, because then only statement 3 is correct.

Picture brain teaser 6
There are 3 columns (top to bottom) and 3 rows (left to right) of balls. All balls drop one place into the next picture. The bottom row is mirrored in the top again. But the right-hand ball immediately drops an extra place because there are only 2 balls in the right-hand column. So C is the right answer.

Picture brain teaser 7
If Frank is telling the truth, John would have lied about his claim that Peter is lying. So John would have to tell the truth, but then Frank cannot tell the truth. So Frank is lying.

If Peter is telling the truth, then his statement about Frank is wrong, because Frank is claiming that John is lying, whereas he is saying that Peter is lying. So Peter is lying too.
Then John is telling the truth.

Picture brain teaser 8
You turn switch 1 on, switch 2 on, but you turn it off after 5 minutes and leave switch 3 off. Then you go back after 5 minutes to check. 1 is on, 2 and 3 are off, but lamp 2 still glows.

Picture brain teaser 9
This is a very tricky brain teaser. John has 7 and Harry 5. If John has one more he has twice as many (8 to 4) and if he has one less he has 6 and 6.

Picture brain teaser 10
The answer is 9 kg

Picture brain teaser 11
Fill the 3-litre bucket to the edge. Then empty the bucket into the 5-litre bucket. Then fill the 3-litre bucket again. Then pour it into the 5-litre bucket, until this bucket is filled to the top. (There is still 1 litre of liquid in the 3-litre bucket) Now empty the 5-litre bucket completely. Then you empty the 1 litre of liquid from the 3-litre bucket into the 5-litre bucket. Then you pour another full 3-litre bucket into the 5-litre bucket. This way you have a total of 4 litres of liquid in the 5-litre bucket.

Picture brain teaser 12
Follow these four steps to boil the egg for exactly 15 minutes:

  • After bringing the pan with the egg to the boil, turn both hourglasses.
  • Turn the 7-minute hourglass when it runs out.
  • When the 11-minute hourglass is also empty four minutes later, turn the 7-minute hourglass over again.Now wait until the 7-minute hourglass is completely empty. 
  • This takes another four minutes, giving you exactly 15 minutes' cooking time.

Picture brain teaser 13
Turn the sheet in the other direction.
Then there is: 68199 + 19969 = 88168

Picture brain teaser 14
Robin hood (namely, Rob is in ho od)

Picture brain teaser 15
The number is always a repetition of the number +1. So 1 equals 12.
The result of 642 = 674523

Picture brain teaser 16
The farmer has to follow these steps:

  • First, take the hen to the other side of the river.
  • He returns with the empty boat.
  • Then he takes the grain to the other side and brings the hen back with him.
  • Leave the hen there and take the fox with him.
  • Then he returns with the empty boat to take the hen to the other side.

The Pharaoh's treasure

Do you solve the brain teasers with your kids?

Then we're sure you'll also find this super fun: An Escape room for kids at home. With cool and interactive riddles and brain crunchers for kids. Your kids will love it. 

The Escape Room the Pharaoh's treasure can be played at any location.

Answers picture brain teasers for kids 

Picture brain teaser 1
The letter M. It is in the word 'minute' once and in the word 'moment' twice, but the m is not in the words 'thousand years'.

Picture brain teaser 2
If you have taken 3 socks, you are not sure if you already have 2 of the same colour. After all, there are 3 colours of socks and you can have 1 of each. If you take the 4th sock, you know for sure that you now have 2 of the same colour. So the answer is 4.

Picture brain teaser 3
Take a good look at the 2nd dice. The red and blue shapes are diametrically opposed to the 3rd dice. So B is the correct answer.

Picture brain teaser 4
A ghost is 20 (60:3); A ghost plus 6 candies is 26, so each candy is 1. Third line: three candies plus 12 pumpkins makes 15. So every pumpkin is also 1.
Bottom line: 4 candies * 5 pumpkins (* means +) is 20. After that, 20 plus 20 is 40 (this should be under the question mark).

Picture brain teaser 5
A coffin

Picture brain teaser 6
After 1 day he climbed 5 meters and after that night only 1 meter. On the 2nd day he climbed 5 meters, so he climbed a total of 6 meters. At night he descends 4 meters again. And so on. So after 15 days and nights he is at 15 meters. On the 16th day he climbs 5 meters and ..... he has reached the top :-). So 16 days.

Picture brain teaser 7
Car A is the only one parked in such a way that they can quickly flee to the road. For Auto B and C, fleeing is less possible because they first have to drive backwards. So A.

Picture brain teaser 8
B is the sister-in-law of E.

Picture brain teaser 9
The correct answer to this Christmas sum is 38.

Picture brain teaser 10
Three daughters. 1x blond, 1x brown and 1x red

Picture brain teaser 11
When singing, do you know do re mi?Then you know that a D comes next.

Picture brain teaser 12
The answer to this funny brain teaser for kids is B.

Picture brain teaser 13
Number 4. It is about the number of places where the sticks cross.

Picture brain teaser 14
You first cut the cake twice, so that you have four equal pieces. Then you cut the cake horizontally, exactly in the middle of the cake.

Picture brain teaser 15
Answer: the game "Rock-paper-scissors".  The numbers indicate the number of fingers. Five (paper) wins against zero (rock). Zero (rock) wins against two (scissors). Two (scissors) wins against five (paper).

Picture brain teaser 16
It is a coconut.

Answers brain teasers images 

Brain teaser image 1
There is a C between the G's.

Brain teaser image 2
There is 1 square of 4 by 4 squares (the outside) = 1
There are 16 squares + 2 squares on the inside in the middle = 18, so total now 19.
Then from the top left we take 2 by 2 squares. We move 1 square to the right and then we can take 2 by 2 squares. We move one more time to the right and can take another 2 by 2 squares. So there are 3.
We repeat this by going down 1 square and do the same. So again 3.
And then we go down another 1 square and do the same again. So again 3. Total 9 more, so the total is now 28.
Then we are going to make 3 by 3 squares. You can do that in 4 different ways. So now add 32 squares.
And then we count the 8 very smallest squares you see in the middle column.
So there are a total of 40 squares.

Brain teaser image 3
There are a total of 8 O's.

Brain teaser image 4

Picture brainteaser answers

Brain teaser image 5
1 is the right answer.

Brain teaser image 6
The coloured boxes are always jumping. The large coloured squares go to the right and the small coloured squares go to the left. And so, the left half of the large square is coloured blue and only the upper left half of the inner small squares is coloured blue.

Brain teaser image 7
Julian can only be the writer. Then David can only be the thief. Because Tom is not a doctor, he is the photographer. So James is the doctor.

Brain teaser image 8
If you say all the previous numbers out loud, you know what the next number should be. This is because each number is a verbal representation of the previous sequence. So we start here with 1, then the next number is (pronounced) "one one" or "11". The 11 is then again "two ones", or 21. And so you can go on. The dots will then read 13112221.

Brain teaser image 9
There are 3 boys who wear blue shirts.
And there are 2 children who are not girls and do not wear blue shirts. So 2 boys who do not wear blue shirts.
14 girls + 5 boys = 19

Brain teaser image 10
59 days. If the water level doubles every day and the reservoir is full on day 60, this means, conversely, that it must have been half full on the previous day (and not on day 30)!

Brain teaser image 11
The police asked him to come to the crime scene. He goes to the crime scene. When he obviously knows where this place is. So he is the murderer.

Brain teaser image 12

Brain teaser image 13

Brain teaser image 14
The answer is 6.

Brain teaser image 15
A + B won easily from C + D, A + C just won from B + D, A + D just as strong as B + C. So A wins from B with C, but does not win from B with D. So C is stronger than D.B does not win with C from A, but A wins with C from B. So A is stronger than B. A and B are stronger than C and D. A won easily with B from C (with D). A just won with C from B (with D). So B is stronger than C. And so the order is: Alex Bob Chris David

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