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Name Anagram

Have you ever solved a name anagram? Especially for you we have a page full of fun anagrams. For young and old, divided into categories to make it a little easier. Don't know what an name anagram is yet? Then we'll explain.

An anagram is a word or phrase with the letters scrambled. So they are in a different sentence or word order. On this page we have several, all with names of people you know. Did you know that some people themselves have an name anagram as a pseudonym? Do you already know what your anagram pseudonym will be?

Those who like word puzzles will love these anagrams. Can you solve them? The answer to these name anagrams can be found at the bottom of the page! Good luck.

Anagram example

Do you think: how does an anagram work? Then watch the video in which we have put an anagram example for you. You'll see the words 'worst dater'. The idea is that you shuffle the letters, so that a new word or name comes out. In this case Rod Stewart. Capital letters can therefore also change letters. And sometimes a three word name anagram can go back to two words.

Anagrams with famous singer(s)

Are you fond of music? Then you will probably enjoy solving an anagram with a singer. The answers to each anagram can be found at the bottom of the page.

Name anagram

1. Male singer


2. Female singer

Anagram name

3. Male singer


4. Male singer


5. Male singer

name anagram

6. Female singer

Do your kids love solving anagrams too? Or do you use these puzzles in your classroom? Then they probably also like Escape Rooms.

At Group Games we have several Escape Rooms for children. To play in your own environment. Whether at home, in the classroom or at school camp. Everything is possible.

The Escape Rooms are interactive, can be played with large groups, for children aged 9 - 14 years. And most importantly: You are guaranteed to have a lot of fun!

Anagram site

7. Zangeres

name anagram

8. Female singer

Anagram famous people

9 Male singer

Name anagram about athletes

Do you love sports and do you know all top athletes by name? Then these anagrams will surely be a piece of cake for you. Although... we ourselves find them quite difficult to solve. We have therefore given a small tip under each anagram puzzle, so that you know which one to look for. Good luck! The answers to the anagrams are at the bottom of this page.

Anagram sports

1. Tennis

Anagram solver

2. Boxing


3. Golf

If you absolutely love word riddles and quizzes, then you should definitely play our Escape Room and our Pub Quiz with your group.

You play the Escape room at your own location. It takes a few hours to prepare and then surprise your group with this fun and interactive Escape Room.

But the Pub Quiz is also worth a try. Together with your team you try to beat the other teams in this quiz that is really about anything and everything. With, of course, a Music Round.

Name anagram with famous actors

Those actors and actresses should know how to write their name too! Can you see which actor names we're looking for with these anagrams? For convenience, we have added whether it is a man or a woman.

Famous people Anagram

1. Man

anagram celebrity name solver

2. Woman

anagram puzzle

3. Man

name anagram

4. Man

acronym solver

5. Man

acronym solver

6. Woman

funny anagrams

7. Woman

funny anagrams

8. Woman

Name anagram actor

9. Man

Name anagrams for children

For children, anagrams are quite difficult to solve. At school you learn to write and spell all words neatly and then they are also mixed up here. But for groups 7 and 8, these anagram puzzles are certainly fun to solve. The results of these anagrams are therefore somewhat easier and they are people that (almost) all the children will know. Below the anagram you will find a short hint for the word to be found. Good luck with solving. The answers to these anagrams can be found at the bottom of the page.

Anagram for kids

1. Comic book hero

Anagram for chilren

2. Comic book hero

Name anagrams children

3. December

Solutions name anagrams

Anagram answers singers

Name anagram 1


Meat Loaf

Name anagram 2


Victoria Beckham

Name anagram 3


Rod Stewart

Name anagram 4


Eric Clapton

Name anagram 5


Michael Jackson

Name anagram 6


Diana Ross

Name anagram 7


Tina Turner

Name anagram 8


Mariah Carey

Name anagram 9


Elvis Presley

Answers name anagram about athletes

Anagram 1


Serena Williams

Anagram 2


Mike Tyson

Anagram 3


Tiger Woods

Answers name anagram with famous actors

Anagram 1


Dustin Hoffman

Anagram 2


Brigitte Bardot

Anagram 3


Robert de Niro

Anagram 4


Antonio Banderas

Anagram 5


Clint Eastwood

Anagram 6


Jennifer Anniston

Anagram 7


Meg Ryan

Anagram 8


Clint Eastwood

Anagram 9


Tom Cruise

Answers anagrams for kids

Anagram 1


Donald Duck

Anagram 2


Mickey Mouse

Anagram 3


Santa Claus

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