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Music bingo – the singing and swinging game of bingo

Music Bingo

With this music bingo, you are guaranteed a super, fun, swinging evening. Young and old will sing along passionately and this game can be played up to 100 people. We have prepared a total of 75 very well-known songs for you. In this music bingo, you will hear a mix of Top 40, great sing-along songs, 70s/80s and 90s & music from 2000 to now, top songs that cannot be missed. Will you be the first to have a full card?

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How to organise a music bingo?

If you order the music bingo, you will receive the game in your mailbox within five minutes. You will receive the 100 unique, printable bingo cards from us. The script you receive will tell you how to play the game. We have prepared 75 shortened songs for you, with only the most enjoyable piece of music from each song. So everyone will be singing and swinging along right away.

So you don't need to have Spotify or rewind very long songs yourself. We have it all set up for you, in a real digital bingo environment!

Press the button and you will see which bingo number is being played and the music track behind it. Want to make it a bit more difficult for the group? Then only play the song and, as the game master, cross the number off your list. Simple and can be played by everyone!

You can - if you want - even show the bingo draw on a big screen, so everyone can follow it. This is how you organise a super fun music bingo evening at your own venue. Have fun already!

Why play a music bingo from Playgroupgame.com?

One fixed amount

With us, you don't pay per card or person, but one total price 

No need for Spotify

No Spotify or other subscription required

Can be played by any group size

We provide up to 100 unique bingo cards (you can print extra cards yourself)

Tailor-made music

So you won't hear very long songs, but only the most enjoyable and fun part of each song

The most enjoyable music

A mix of the 75 most enjoyable songs

For young and old

Recognisable songs

What do I receive when ordering the music bingo?

  • 100 unique music bingo cards, in a pdf that you can print yourself. You can choose whether to print them with just the music numbers on them or both the numbers and the music numbers on them.
  • A script in which we explain step by step how to play the music bingo.
  • The music bingo environment in which all 75 music tracks, some 5 extra entertaining jingles ("Do you remember these?") and the bingo game are ready for you, where you can digitally draw the balls.
Music bingo cards

Music bingo cards with number and (part of) the title


What do I need to organise a music bingo?

How many people can play the music bingo?

How long does the music bingo take?

Can the music bingo also be played by children?

Do you also provide a presenter for the music bingo?

Can you play the music bingo again with another group?

Are the music bingo cards free?

Do I have to print the bingo cards?

My group doesn't know that many music tracks. Is that a problem?