Murder Game – Who killed Don Corleone?

The ultimate murder game to play together as a detective!

Which one of your group is the killer in this murder game? Prove that you have the DNA of a real detective. Gather evidence and solve the murder. By playing a murder game, you're all trying to find the killer who is among you.

Each player gets a role in this murder game 'Murder at the Mafia' and they get a little bit of information that they have to share proactively or reactively when asked for. Each role has its own character, so there are plenty of rather funny or strange personalities mixed together. Hilarious sometimes, but meanwhile of course a very serious issue. Because .. there is a killer among you! Good luck finding him of her.

Murder game
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How do you play this murder game?

The murder game actually starts at the moment that you, as the (participating) game leader, distribute the roles to all those present. Here it is important to know that there are 9 main roles. It is wise to give them to people who don't mind reading a text in front of everyone. The other roles are supporting roles. By the way, they all have a very special character, which also makes the game very cozy and often funny.

In addition to a description of their role, the protagonists also get text for two scenes. The game starts with a scene. The protagonists take place in a circle (e.g. at a table) and all the other roles go around them. In turn they read their text out loud, creating a story. Suddenly it becomes clear that there are several people who have a motive to kill Don Corleone.

After the scene everyone talks to each other in the so-called interrogation phase in order to find all the pieces of the puzzle together and solve the murder in this murder game. All roles have information that they either have to tell pro-actively or only.... if they're asked.

Then there is a second scene in which it appears that some additional information has become known about the cause of death, for example. Also in this scene tensions are running high again.

Again there is an interrogation round, in which it is important to get the evidence conclusive in order to identify the killer. After this round everyone present has to point out their 'killer'.

After that, the detective will read out the evidence and it will become clear which of your group is a real detective.

Tips for this murder game

It is fun to send the roles to the participants before they play. They can then dress for their role and take any attributes with them. And they can then empathize extra well with their role.

The game leader can play along as well. If you print out the evidence in advance, but don't read through it in advance, you can (in the role of detective and game leader) join in the search for the killer.

What do I get with this murder game?

When you order this game, you will receive the script by e-mail. It describes the short explanation for you as game leader, the main and supporting roles, the 2 scenes, an overview of all roles and of course the proof.

In total there are 9 main roles that have to be played. One of the main roles is the killer.The killer him/herself doesn't know that he/she has murdered. So the killer also plays along.
ou complement the main roles with supporting roles, as many as you need. You can decide which characters of the supporting roles you want to use.

Murder at the Mafia - The Story

Don Corleone, the largest Mafia boss in Italy, celebrates his birthday every year. All mafia families are invited and not coming is not an option. Actually everyone hates this bad man, even his own family members.

The party was in full swing and suddenly there was the news that Don Corleone died. But ... at a murder game, of course, it hasn't been a normal death. He was murdered. Maybe it was one of the other mafia leaders who dared? Don Salami or Don Alfredo maybe? Or was it one of the women at the party? Gigi, Paola or Sophia.

Or... no... he wouldn't..... His own bodyguard Massimo. But even Don Corleone's Consigliere (the right hand) can't be trusted.

Luckily, there are plenty of people out there who've been involved in criminal activity before. No doubt they can help the detective present solve this brutal murder. Who in your group could play a real Don ? And who gets the role of Don Corleone's wife ?

Frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about our murder game. If you can't find the answer: we are almost always available (including weekends). Ask your question via Whatsapp: +31683777853 or via e-mail: [email protected]. We are happy to help you :-).


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