The best games and activities for the last day of school

The last day of school: For many children and teachers one of the most special days of the year. 

Last day of school

All the work has been done, you are going to have one more great day and then you won't see each other for six weeks. So this last day of school has to be extra special, right? A day full of entertainment, being together, fun activities at school and of course games. We have put together some inspiration for you. Whether you have a last day of school with pre-schoolers or a last day of school for the upper classes. There is something for everyone. 

Since we are a game site, we think that a great game on the last day of school should not be missing. So which game is suitable for which group? And what is the best way to play such a game on the last day of school? And finally, we have some other activities that should not be missed on your last day of school. 

For the age group 9 to 12 years, there are many fun games to do during the last day of school. Here we show you two of our games: 

Escape room last day of school 

Many classes have already played them. The children's escape rooms from Playgroupgame. Of course you are not really going to escape from the classroom. These are games that you print out and prepare and then you can play them in different groups. Actually you can play it as often as you like. As long as it is with different groups of children each time, otherwise they know the solution. Make it a competition, for example, to see which group of your class or school is the first to 'escape'. On average it takes an hour per group. 

The materials can be set out in the classroom or a gym, for example; the rest of the game is interactive. It will be handy if one of the groups can bring a mobile phone that day. If you don't want to, you can also play the game without a phone. Many schools indicate that they laminate the materials, so that it can be played more often by several groups. 

The Pharaoh's treasure

The Pharaoh’s Treasure

Interactive Escape Room for children up to 13 years.

Escape room for kids

Caught in a game

Interactive Escape Room for children up to 13 years.

Games for last day of school for preschool and year 1 and 2

For the really young children at school, the tension curve is not very big. For the last day of school they are happy with a nice course of games.  

For the children under six (preschool) these are fun activities for the last day of school: 

  • Bingo
    No matter what form you play, bingo is always a fun game for children. For preschool children you can make a bingo game with cards in the theme of holidays, for example. A great last-day-of-school game for pre-schoolers.
  • Cleaning together
    At the end of the year, the classroom needs a good clean. But how nice it is to clean it with the children themselves. For example, all the Lego can be washed in a bowl of water. Another group can clean the tables with wipes, etc. Be careful because a cleaning action can also make the classroom an even bigger mess...
  • Toy Day
    It is almost a tradition on every last day of school. But toddlers just love playing with their friends with their own toys. Want to make it extra fun? Buy something small for everyone at, for example, Action, so that they have a present to play with at the same time.
  • Create a scavenger hunt
    Go outside with your group and set out a fun treasure hunt. For toddlers, you don't have to go far at all, because you also want everyone to stick together a bit. A small tour is enough on such a last day of school. Need inspiration? Read our blog with "The 22 best ideas for an outdoor treasure hunt for kids"

Farewell song for the summer holidays 

The tradition is that you end the year singing loudly with the whole school. In our schoolyard, it is always a celebration to hear all the children singing at the same time. You have six weeks off, but the first few weeks you will surely still have the songs the children sing in your head. Looking for fun songs to sing on the last day of school? These are always a favourite: 

  • End of school song (covid -19 year)
  • Song: Celebrate a great school year

Last day of school poem

As a teacher you get a lot of presents from children on the last day of school. Enough chocolate to get you through the summer! But how nice it is to give the children from your class something themselves. We have put together some last-day-of-school poems for you for inspiration: 

The best last day of school games and activities

Scavenger hunt around school

We have already written a blog about it once; "20 ideas to organise a Scavenger Hunt". In fact, we have a free E-Book on that page, which you can download.

How fun is it to have all the children from the school in groups, accompanied by parents, taking a small tour of the neighbourhood with a scavenger hunt. Of course, one of the teachers (or someone from the parents' committee) will have to set out a route. Keep  especially the safety of the children in mind. So no routes where there is a lot of traffic. And also keep the age of the children and the difficulty in mind. It should be suitable for all ages at primary school.

We have therefore created 2 ready-made Scavenger hunts. One is suitable for 4-7 year olds and one is suitable for 7-10 year olds. The upper grades often find a scavenger hunt less interesting. So if you don't feel like spending a huge amount of preparation time to come up with a game on the last day of school, we have already made these 2 scavenger hunts for you.

Quest - Where's my dog
Quest - School Burglary

All you have to do is set out a route at your own location and put up our material there. The last school will be a big party.

Swinging out, jumping out, slipping... 

When the children actually leave, make it a spectacle by waving them off. For example, let all the children jump out of the school via a trampoline. Or put a bench from the gym against the window where everyone can slide out. 

Don't have that option in your school building? Then this will always work on your last day of school: Turn the music up loudly. Put each child in pairs with their hands against each other. And let them run through each class as a pendulum. Start with the toddlers and end with the year six. 

Convenient for schools 

Complete package for schools: For older children in the final years of primary school. Buy 2 escape room games and you get the second game with a 25% discount. And super handy for schools, you only have to print these games once. If you then laminate them, you already have a fun activity ready for next year's summer party/teacher's day or whatever. You may reuse these games within your own school. 

Ending the last day of school with colleagues 

And then... it's time for a rest. And... a cosy ending with your school colleagues. Would you like to play another fun game with your colleagues on the last day of school? Then check out our games for adults. 

We hope we have given you enough ideas. We are looking forward to your response. Will you let us know below? 

Have a nice holiday! 

    Richard & Marjolein

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