Large group games and icebreaker activities, that will make your group smile

Organising large group games and activities seems more difficult than it is. After all, there is plenty to do. Whether you are with a large group indoors or outdoors, looking for a team-building activity or for fun games with a group of children.

What you need to keep in mind is to get everyone involved. Does the group already know each other? Or should you first do an icebreaker to introduce the group to each other? And also remember: when you have a large group, there are so many people, so many opinions.

Large group games

We have listed the best tips and ideas for you for large group games. This way, every event, workshop, children's party or teambuilding session will be a success. And finally, of course, we have taken covid into account. Which large group games are fun to play during the Corona lockdown?

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Icebreakers for large groups

How well does the group know each other that you need to organise? Is it a regular group of friends, or are you going to do a team-building exercise with fairly unknown people? You can organise a game for a large group, but if the people do not know each other, it will not benefit the cooperation. So make sure everyone gets to know each other and that the ice is broken a little. These activities are fun to do.

Alliteration name game: Funny Frank

Have a conversation with your neighbour. Tell them your name and what you are good at or like to do. If, for example, people often laugh at you and your name is Frank, imagine that you are called Funny Frank by the group. Decide together which name applies to you. In a joint discussion with your group, each of you tells each other what your name is and why. You will notice that it is much easier for people to remember each other's names. A nice icebreaker for large groups to start with.

Icebreaker group games

Introduce your neighbour by using his social profile

What can you find out about yourself on the Internet? How funny is it when the person sitting next to you introduces you in the group with things he finds on the internet and social media.

Everyone in the group gets ten minutes to look up things online about the person next to you online. After those ten minutes, everyone in the group tells you in two minutes who is sitting next to you. Make sure that you do not mention any unpleasant facts about that person.

Do we all know who we are? Then it really is time to start playing fun games for large groups. For your convenience, we have split them into outdoor and indoor activities for large groups.

Large group games for adults indoors

Murder game - Large group games

Are you with a large group and are you all up for something fun? Then play a murder game. Everyone takes up a different role. Through conversations with each other, each participant must try to solve the murder. The best way to do this is in a setting where everyone is dressed up and completely immersed in his or her role. But with Corona, that is a bit difficult. Of course, you can also play the game online via Zoom, with conversations taking place via Whatsapp or speak to each other in a breakout room.

>> Check out the murder game

Murder game

Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

This card game is one of the most fun large group games. If you are going on a weekend away with friends or a family trip, make sure this is in your suitcase.

Werewolves of Miller's Hollow is a game that takes place in a small village, which is haunted by werewolves at night. Each player in the group gets a card. In the simplest version of the game, you are either a citizen or a werewolf. It is up to the citizens to discover who the two werewolves in the game are. The game master will tell you when night falls.

Everyone closes their eyes and goes to sleep. Two people in the game are werewolves and are asked to open their eyes. Together, they point out someone who has been killed at dawn. All the villagers are asked who they suspect of being a werewolf. One person is selected and is out of the game. Who is left? The werewolves or the villagers?

Large group games Werelwolves of Miller's Hollow

A super fun game, which can be played with a minimum of 8 players. Even children often find this an exciting and hilarious game for large groups. You can buy the Werewolves of Miller's Hollow at Amazon.

'Have you ever ....' - Large group games

This is a fun team building activity that helps you get to know each other better. Make a circle with hoops. Place one of the hoops in the middle of the circle. If you do not want to stand too close to each other, make sure there is enough space between them.

Everyone can stand in a hoop. The person in the middle says: 'Have you ever ....' And then says an activity that he does himself. For example Have you ever ridden a horse? The people who have ever done it get out of their hoop and stand in another hoop. The questioner's hoop is also empty, so try to go there as quickly as possible. Then, of course, you may ask the next question. This way, it is someone else's turn every time. Try to be as original as possible when asking questions, that makes this game for large groups all the more funny.

  1. Have you ever ridden a horse?
  2. Or ridden a motorcycle?
  3. Have you ever been robbed?
  4. Or ever gotten a horrible haircut?
  5. Have you ever met anyone famous?
  6. Or maybe skipped classes?

Jenga with questions

Do you know the game Jenga? You must have played it at some point. Children love it. But also for a large group of adults it is a super fun game to play. But then in a modified way.

Make sure there is a question on all the Jenga blocks. You can stick the questions on them.  Or you can work with colour codes, for example, that refer to different question cards. Each player in the group must take turns to remove a jenga block from the tower. Did you do this correctly? Then you are not finished yet! Because it is up to you to read the question aloud to the group and to answer it. If you are playing this game with a large group of friends, you can of course put very funny questions on it. A bit like truth or dear. If you are playing this game as a teambuilding exercise with a large group, keep the questions more businesslike.

  • Describe a time shen you felt really excited recently.
  • What was a challenge you faced this week?
  • Who made you feel good this week?

Large group games for adults outdoors

This is a fun game for an outdoor teambuilding or family weekend. A real game for large groups, which is all about trusting each other. It works as follows:

You need a number of objects, which can serve as mines. These can be pawns. If you don't have these, you can also use cups, bags, jackets, etc. You have to make a field in which all these 'mines' are placed. The game is then played with two people, one of which gets blindfolded. You both stand on one side of the field. The aim is that the person who can see guides the other person through the minefield by giving instructions. If the blindfolded person stands on a mine, you have to start all over again. The couple that crosses the minefield the quickest wins.

As quickly as possible in a row

Create two teams to compete against each other. The size of the teams does not matter, as long as they are the same size. The aim of this game is to line up as quickly as possible, but the teams must not talk to each other. The leader of the game gives orders to the teams. For example: put the team in the right order and start with the youngest person. The team that finishes first without talking wins a point. The next assignment is, for example: Put the persons in one line, with the first name of the first person in the alphabet. (You can also do this with surnames and house numbers).

Slide puzzle game with people

You probably remember this game for large groups from when you were little. Those sliding puzzle games, where you have to move a slide each time to complete a picture. This game works the same way, only with real people.

Draw a rectangle on the floor and divide it into squares. The number of squares is equal to your size plus 1. You give each square a number, for example by putting a paper in it.  Each person stands in a random square. Then give everyone a piece of paper with a number. These numbers are distributed randomly, so your number probably does not match the compartment you are in. There is always one empty square to which you can move a person. You can only move forwards, backwards, left or right. So not diagonally. For this game it is very important that you work together.

Large group games slide puzzle

Sometimes it is easier if, for example, a person in the group gives directions from outside the square. This is one of the most difficult large group games, because people are easily distracted if they can't solve it.

Large group games for kids

Escape room for kids 

One of the most fun games to do is escape rooms. Our children also love them. Therefore, we have created a great escape room for children, which you can play at any location. At home, in the classroom or at a party. This escape room can also be played with a large group of children. We see that it is often played in classes, whereby the class is divided into smaller groups. The materials for the Escape Room can be printed several times. Or you can put it down after each group. Which team from your class will escape first?

>>Check out the Escape room for kids at home

Escape room for kids

Caught at home? Escape Room For Kids! 

Would you like to play a ready-made Escape Room for children at home?
Cool for at home, when you have a birthday party or at school. It can be played at any location, even outside.

The most populair Play Among us in real life

If you play this game with a large group of children, it is guaranteed to be a success. Among us, is one of the most popular online games among young people today. But what is it like when you play Among Us in real life?

What is Among Us and how do you play it in real life with a group of children?

You fight with a whole group of crewmates of a spaceship against one or more imposters. It is up to the imposters to 'kill' as many crew members as possible. They will win if the number of crewmates remaining is the same. The crewmates must discover in time who the imposters are. If they eliminate them in time, they will win.

Who is the imposter?

If you are with a group of ten children, you might have one or two imposters. Then make cards with 8 crewmates and 2 imposters. Put them in envelopes, so that nobody sees what is written on them. Everyone in the group chooses a card. Then you can walk around the house (preferably in the dark). An imposter has to tap a crewmate on the shoulder without being seen. This crewmate is then dead and has to lie on the floor. You are not allowed to say anything to the others and you have to lie still. When the crewmate is found, another crewmate shouts loudly that a dead body has been found and that a vote has to be taken. Everyone comes together.

There is a 1 minute discussion about who the possible imposters are. Then we count down from 3. Everyone points to the person he suspects. The player with the most votes reveals whether he is an imposter or a crewmate. If it is a crewmate, that player is out of the game. If there is no majority, has to leave the game. Everyone then goes back into the house and the game continues. If all imposters are voted out, the game stops and the crewmates have won. If there are as many imposters as crewmates left, then the imposters win.

In the real Among Us game, tasks have also been added. For the sake of convenience, we will leave these out for now so that you can get the hang of it first. If you have played the game more often, you might want to add these.

Large group games during Corona

Unfortunately, at present we live in a time when it is not very easy to play games in large groups. Due to the Corona virus, we unfortunately have limited contact with each other. But fortunately there are great group games to play online.

Online pub quiz with a large group

We often get the question: what is a fun game to play online with a large group in lockdown? There is always a game that is guaranteed to be a success. The online pub quiz. At Playgroupgame we have a ready-made pub quiz with 10x10 questions that you can play with a large group of colleagues, friends or family. How does it work?

You are all online via Zoom or Microsoft teams. One person shares the screen with the pub quiz. Everyone can participate individually, or as a team. For each round, you pass your answers to the game moderator. No cheating on google, right?

>> Check out the online Pub Quiz 


Play Charade online

Charade is a game for a large group that you can of course easily play online via Zoom. Divide your group into two teams. Each player can choose a charade from the idea generator and perform it. You have 1 minute. Which team will win?

We hope we have inspired you. Good luck with organising one of the large group games!

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