Halloween crafting; The 20 funniest ideas, with free printable craft examples

Put the glue, scissors and tape on the table. It's time for Halloween crafting. When the days get shorter and it gets dark so quickly in the evening, it's wonderful to make your home a bit cozier again. Well, cozy. With all those Halloween crafts it looks pretty exciting. In this e-book we have listed our top Halloween craft ideas for you. Whether you are going to do Halloween crafts with toddlers or with older children: everyone can do it and it’s not scary. To make it easier for you we also added some free templates for Halloween crafts, especially for you.

Free E-Book Halloween crafts 
*Includes free crafting templates and memory game

Do you want all these fun Halloween craft ideas? Then request the free E-book.

Halloween crafting e-book

Making Halloween memory

When we were children, we made many games ourselves. If a game was too expensive, we would start making it ourselves.

The hit. So how nice is it to make your own memory with Halloween crafts. To make it easy for you we have already made a Halloween memory template for you. All you have to do is to cut it out.

>> See the memory template in the e-book.


The ultimate Halloween crafting: Making cobwebs

Crafting spider webs is of course available in all shapes and sizes. We have chosen a Halloween activity that every child can do. It can be made and is also fun to do. This is what you need:

  • Popsicle sticks (you can also use long skewers)
  • Optional paint to paint the sticks in the Halloween colors orange, black or white
  • Wool
  • Scissors and glue
  • Fake spiders
Making cobwebs

Crafting Halloween figures from toilet rolls

Start saving empty toilet rolls because this assignment is super easy to do with Halloween crafts. All you need is some glue, coloured paper and a pair of scissors. In the Pinterest video you can see nice examples that can be made for everyone.

Hanging Halloween bat craft 

With this Halloween bat you can hide a message from someone. Children love to put something under the wings. If you are going to celebrate a Halloween children's party, then this craft is also fun to make Halloween invitations.

>> In the e-book, you will find templates to cut out.

Hanging Halloween bat craft

Bat finger painting as a Halloween craft

You have to feel like it because finger painting also means it’s going to be messy. But hey, your kids will enjoy crafting this bat for Halloween. And it's very simple. What do you need:

  • Coloured paper
  • White paper to cut out bats
  • Scissors (and possibly adhesive tape)
  • Finger paint
  • Soap 🙂

Cut out the white bats (examples can be found in our free template). Stick them on a black piece of paper with double folded adhesive tape. Then the children can dot painting them with the edges of the bat well painted. Remove the white bats when the paint is dry and your Halloween painting is ready.

Bat finger painting

Painting tangerines

The coolest thing is of course to put a real carved pumpkin in front of your door for Halloween. But to be fair, carving pumpkin isn't really our thing. Pfff, that is so difficult and so messy.

What kids really like and what is a lot simpler, is to paint mandarins for Halloween. And let's face it, doesn't that look super cheerful at Halloween? In our e-book you will find some examples with fun Halloween pumpkin faces that your children can use.

Painting tangerines for Halloween
Halloween ghosts

Crafting spinning Halloween ghosts

These ghosts are easy to craft for Halloween. And a very good exercise for toddlers, for example to develop small motor skills. Because cutting in a circle along the lines is quite difficult. A whole class full of spinning ghosts gives a super fun Halloween atmosphere, or not?

In the free template you can print sample ghosts. If you like to make the Halloween ghosts yourself, there is also one without a face.

>> In the e-book, you will find templates to cut out.

Mummy Light Pots Halloween 

This Halloween craft should not be missing in your room. The mummy light pots. Easy to make and a super fun Halloween activity. This is what you need:

  • Empty glass jars
  • Bandage
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue and scissors
Mummie Halloween
Mummie lichtpotjes klaar

Are you looking for a fun activity with or for your children?

We have a super fun game for children between 9 and 13 years old: The Escape Room 'The Pharaoh’s Treasure’.

  • For your own home or school
  • Fun and educational 
  • For boys and girls

Painting stones like ghosts 

Painting stones is always great. Why? Children like to find stones, you can always do it (whether it's Halloween crafts, or painted with animals or dolls) and it looks nice in your home.

We have listed some examples to give you some inspiration:

Painting stones
Halloween knutselen stenen schilderen

Halloween crafts: Pumpkin and ghost garland

We saw this amazing Halloween garland on Pinterest. Super fun to craft for Halloween, right?

Halloween crafts

Halloween crafts: Flying ghosts, fun for the classroom

Another fun Halloween craft assignment that is great to make in the classroom, for example. You need this for the flying Halloween ghosts:

  • White cardboard cups
  • Black marker
  • Possibly eyes
  • White paper
  • (White) rope to hang up the Halloween ghosts
Flying ghosts

Making pumpkin wuppy

This was a favourite back in the day: Wuppy's crafting. But wuppies are of course a nice craft idea for Halloween pumpkins. We've included this one in the list because you can make this very easily with just wool, scissors and your hands.

Making pumpkin wuppy

Halloween crafts: Witch with hat

Of course, witches should not be missing in the Halloween crafting frames. This craft is easy to make. What do you need:

  • White paper plate
  • Possibly paint
  • Paper to make the hat, among other things
  • Hole punch or scissors
  • Wool and possibly beads
  • Paper, buttons or beads for the face
Halloween crafts: Witch with hat

Cut out Halloween cobwebs from paper

Whether you are looking for autumn craft ideas or for Halloween. Spider webs are always fun to make. And these are easy to cut out of paper. In this blog you can see step by step how to make them. What do you need?

  • Paper 
  • Scissors and glue 
  • Rope to hang it up 
  • Fake spiders 
cobwebs from paper

Luminous ghosts

Don't they look cozy? Cute Halloween luminous ghosts. Simple to make for everyone. Just use some old milk cartons and get your Christmas lights from the attic. Clean the milk cartons and make small hatches at the back of the carton. Then the children can draw Halloween figures on it with thick black markers. In the video, you can see some nice examples.

Halloween Pumpkin stamps of potatoes or apples

Got some old potatoes lying around? Don't throw them away, because it's super fun to craft with for Halloween.

Cut the potato in half and carve a face, like a 'Jack o Lantern pumpkin'. You can also make different faces here. Let your children dip the stamps in (orange) paint, so that they can use them to paint.

Pumpkin stamps

Crafts Halloween bookmark bat 

A funny Halloween craft idea is this bookmark. And handy too. You just need to print and fold it and you're done. In our e-book you will find a free template of this bookmark.

Halloween bookmark bat

Halloween Recipes and Treats

Got hungry during all the Halloween crafting? How nice is it to stay in the spirit of Halloween! That is why we have listed some fun Halloween snacks and Halloween treat ideas for you.

Chopped finger sausage

Oh gosh, this looks pretty real, doesn't it? A severed finger. It totally fits the Halloween theme and it's so simple to make. Remove the 'nail' from the tip of the frankfurter and make notches where the knuckles are. Then a good dollop of blood, ehh .. add tomato ketchup, and you are ready to go. A super fun and tasty Halloween treat.

Chopped finger sausage

Healthy Halloween fruit snack or treat

You can transform any banana or grape into a fun Halloween treat idea. This looks super tasty and healthy!

Healthy Halloween fruit snack

Halloween treat spinning lollipop

This Halloween treat is simple to make and is a great cheap treat for the classroom. Add a personal message from your child and you’re done! Also nice as a giveaway at a Halloween children's party.

Baking spider cookies

Fortunately, the spiders are made of chocolate and there are no real bugs in the cookies. Brrrr. But these spider cookies are perfect as a snack for Halloween crafts. In the blog you can read how you can make them..

Baking spider cookies

Wishing you a very happy Halloween. We are very curious how your craft activities have been. Will you let us know?

Free E-Book Halloween crafts 
*Includes free crafting templates and memory game

Do you want all these fun Halloween craft ideas? Then request the free E-book.

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