Gender Reveal Game

There is nothing more exciting than having your family and friends try to figure out whether it will be a boy or a girl. Enjoy 20 minutes of fun with this super fun and interactive gender reveal game.

So, are you looking for an original and creative idea to announce the gender of your baby? Congratulations, then you have found the most original way!

A game where, during the gender reveal party, your guests will play to get closer and closer to the right outcome whether you are having a boy or a girl. But to do this, they need to be able to work together, puzzle and think logically. Who will know the answer first?

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During this super fun and short interactive Gender reveal game your family and friends will solve puzzles to come to right outcome in about 20 minutes. And they can just do it at home or you invite them to your house. You can give or send this gender reveal game to everyone you want to know the baby´s gender. And of course we have the game with a pink and blue outcome, so you can decide which version you need.

And oh yes, congratulations in advance on your future baby!

Gender reveal games

And temporarily with a free '9 months BONUS game' (a bit like the popular 30 Seconds game).

How to play the gender reveal game?

When ordering the game, you get two variants. So you can choose either the boy or girl variant. Within 5 minutes you will receive it in your mailbox. You will then receive the script, which explains step by step how to play the game (including the solutions). You must print part of the game and have it ready for your guests (or send it to them) and they will play the other part online.

Through good cooperation and consultation, your guests will get closer and closer to the outcome while solving puzzles. After each part, they submit the solution via WhatsApp (and WhatsApp responds automatically if the answer is right), after which they are immediately given another task. All about the birth of your baby, of course.

Do you like games? And are you looking for something fun for your Gender reveal party? Then this is just the thing for you. Something a bit different from coloured confetti or a gender reveal cake.

Why this game for your Gender Reveal Party?

One fixed fee

With us, you don't pay per person who plays the game, but one fixed fee.

Unique gender reveal

For a future unique child, you want an unforgettable gender reveal, right?

Any group size and number of people can play the game

Whether you forward it to 2 people or 20, it doesn't matter.

Original and fun for everyone

For any age (who can read) and fun for everyone to play.

What will I receive when ordering this Gender reveal game?

  • Script explaining step by step how to play and prepare for the game.
  • Both a boy and girl version, where you can choose which one to play.
  • The free '9 months baby shower game'. A kind of 30 seconds game, but all about pregnancy, childbirth and having children.


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