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Do you want to play a Free Escape Room at your own location? We will send you a mini Escape Room, which you can try out partly offline and online. Fun with friends, in class, or at home

Enter your name and email address here and you will receive the Free Escape Room within 5 minutes.

How does the Free Escape Room work?

Are you an Escape Room fanatic like us? In the meantime we have already played many Escape Rooms, but also made them. You can play all our own Escape Rooms at your own location. Just like this free Escape Room.


We received quite a lot of questions from people how to play our Escape Rooms. With that in mind, we have created this free mini Escape Room. You will receive a document via email, which explains exactly how to play the free Escape Room. You have to print a few documents and you can play the rest of the game with your phone with WIFI or 4G. This Escape Room includes three small assignments. If you play our full Escape room games, the game will of course take much longer.

This free Escape Room is fun to play with your family, with a group of friends, or maybe in class. The Escape assignments are not scary or exciting and this game is a fun and enjoyable challenge for young and old.

What do you receive with the Free Escape Room for at home?

As with all our Escape Rooms, you will get the following with this free Escape Room

  1. 1
    Step-by-step scenario. Everything you need to know is in here. A simple explanation for the game master, so everyone can play it.
  2. 2
    Materials to be printed. We clearly explain how to make and use it. Our free Escape Room involves printing seven pages

Richard en Marjolein  //  Playgroupgame

We are Richard and Marjolein and we share our passion for games with many of our friends and family members. originated 6 years ago from our own desire to play fun games with a group.

Richard en Marjolein

This is what people think of our Escape Rooms

Highly recommended!

For our daughters’ parties we played your escape rooms for children a few times and each time it was a great success.

We also like to escape from an Escape Room ourselves. And we only found out that you also offer an adult version of an Escape room, yay!

Last week we played the Mafia gang with 3 friends. And really recommended!

Compliments again and we'll keep in touch.


The kids enjoyed it.

Yes! We played the Pharaoh’s Treasure yesterday during a children's party with 9, 10 and 11 year olds! Made 2 teams of 5. Took an hour and a half. What fun it was! The kids really enjoyed it. It took me quite some time to prepare, but it went smoothly. Very nice with scanning QR codes, videos and sound fragments, sending codes by WhatsApp. All works very well. 4 fun and varied rooms.