Favourite or not?

  • Can you predict the favourite choice of your friends, family, colleagues or classmates?
  • How well do you really know each other?
  • An ideal game to get to know each other better or just to have a great evening. This way you will learn something about each other.
Favourite or not
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Are you a fan of games like '30 seconds' and 'Pictionary'? Then 'Favourite or Not' is a must. We often play this game after a hot meal in the evening, much to the amusement of all of us :-).

kids playing the favourite game

The wheel is easy to play on a tablet, for example.

In this group game, you have to predict the favourite (or least favourite) choice of one of your fellow players or the whole group on a wide range of subjects. The game contains 100 questions about food, films, sports, colours, music, drinks, animals, etc. The dice and the 'favourite-or-not' wheel determine the question and the subject. The better you predict a favourite or not, the more points you earn.

A fun and easy game for young (6 years) and old (185 years) and perfect to play with 3 to 30 people simultaneously. Great to play during a night out with friends, a family weekend, but also as an introduction game or during a pleasant team outing. And once you have ordered it, you can always reuse it, also for other occasions.

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Favourite or not digitally

You can easily play the Wheel with the questions on a tablet. The players show their choice by using the phones.

How does the Favourite-or-Not game work?

  • Each player throws a dice before it’s their turn.
  • The number on the dice indicates what you have to predict: What is that person's favourite or least favourite. Or what is the group's favourite. (The game includes an add-on to make the game even more fun, but we're not going to reveal that yet)
  • The player spins the (online) favourite or not wheel on the mobile, tablet, computer or IWB. Pling, a question with four answers appears on the screen.
  • The players predict the outcome with the answer sheets provided (or by using their mobile phones). If it is a group question, the whole group must of course first choose the answer and then predict.
  • If you get it right, you earn a point.

For whom is the Favourite-or-not game suitable?

The game is suitable for all ages (from 6 years onwards). Everyone can spin the wheel and the four multiple-choice answers with each question, are often understandable for all ages. Because you really get to know each other on all sorts of subjects, this is a great game to play as an introductory game for new groups. For example, in the classroom or with family weekends. But this game is also very suitable as a teambuilding game. And you can play it as long or short as you like.

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What do you receive when ordering this game?

  • The script with the explanation of the game.
  • It also contains the prediction sheets. (You don't necessarily have to print it out, because you can also play the game digitally with each other if everyone has a mobile phone).

What do you need for the game Favourite or not?

The game is super easy to play. You don't have to lug around heavy board games and don't have to deal with tokens that get crumpled. This is all you need:

  • Mobile, tablet, IWB or PC with Wi-fi or 4G to spin the Wheel.
  • 1 dice.
  • Prediction sheets (included in the game to print and cut out) or a mobile phone per player or per team.
  • Possibly a pen and paper to keep track of the score.

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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the game Favourite or Not. If you cannot find the answer and still have a question: we are available most times (also in the evening and during the weekend). Ask your question for example via the app: +31 6 83 777 853 or via e-mail: [email protected] We are happy to help you :-).


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