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Can you solve all Escape Room Riddles ? We have of course also displayed the answers at the bottom of the page, so you can check afterwards if you were right. Have fun solving the riddles.

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Can you solve the Escape room riddles below? Goodluck !

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Escape room riddles

Escape Room Riddles

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Do you really love solving riddles?
Have you ever played an escape room at home?

When you play an Escape Room, you and your friends/relatives/colleagues are locked in a room. In this room you will find several riddles that you must solve in order to escape.

Of course it's fun to think about the Brain Teasers yourself, but it's even more fun and exciting to play this together. That is why we offer the game 'Escape room Mafia Gang' for groups, you can play this game at your own location. Can you escape in 100 minutes?

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Are your children also a fan of Escape room assignments?
Fun with the family or for a children's party!

An interactive and challenging escape room, which you can play at your home or at any location. Made in the world of children between the ages of 8 and 14.

The Escape room assignments are adapted to the children, but we hear from many parents that they also enjoy playing them. Will you manage to escape?

Escape Room Riddles and answers

Escape Room Riddle 1:
Answer: 1, 2 and 3 are not included the code. Of 4, 5, and 6, 1 is correct and in the right place. 6, 1 and 2 teaches us that the 6 is included, because of those three numbers there is one included. 6 was therefore in the row with 4 and 5 in the right place. 4 and 5 are therefore not included. Of 5, 4 and 7 there is 1 included, but not in the right place. So the 7 is included, but not in that place. We knew that too, because 6 is in that place. 8, 4, 9 means that the 4 isn't included (we already knew this) and the 9 isn't either, because that's where the 6 had to be. So the 8 is correct and is in the right place, making the code: 8 7 6. Did you succeed?

Escape Room Riddle 2:
Answer: Saskia is in the garden and decides to go to sleep. It means she's outside. She can of course start walking in several ways, so we give an example (the solution can only be 1 room). She enters room A on the left side of the house and then goes left immediately outside again. Then she enters room C again. She goes back to room A and then on to B and then she comes back in C. Then she goes on to E, H, G, E, D, G, F. And there she goes out again. She walks around the house and then goes through the last door that is still open, namely the door of room B. Then all doors are closed and she can go to sleep .... in room B.

Escape Room Riddle 3:
When you have translated all the boxes, it will read: Well done.

Escape Room Riddle 4:
View this picture, as the tip indicates, on a mobile phone, or print it out. If you look at the picture from the top, you will not see anything with this riddle. Now take a look at it on your phone, holding your phone flat and looking diagonally over your glass from your microphone. You first read: 'The code is the outcome'. If you turn your phone, or your paper a quarter turn to the left, you will read: 'from five times five'. The answer to this secret Escape riddle is 25.

Escape Room Riddle 5:
The code that you will find with this Sudoku is 2411. For your convenience, we have put this riddle below for you.

Answer Sudoku riddle

Escape Room Riddle 6:
To get only pluses or minuses with this Escape riddle, you only have to turn 4 times. For example in this way: Suppose you turn 5 and 8 once, then you only have pluses in the middle column. If you then reverse 1 and 4, these also become pluses. (The top and bottom had already become minuses due to the first turn and are now back on a plus.)

Escape Room Riddle 7:
The answer to this Mastermind Crack the Vault riddle is 562.

Escape Room Riddle 8:
Have you been able to find the right path of numbers? If you take into account the black arrows, a 51 will appear under the question mark. See below the explanation of this riddle .

Escape room riddles and answers

Escape Room Riddle 9:

  • This is a tricky one! We explain it to you step by step.
    If we compare columns 1 and 4, you can see that they are quite the same. The difference is that column 1, has two yellows and one purple, and column 4 has just the opposite.
    The sum is 19 more in column 4 than in column 1, so purple is 19 more than yellow. So for example yellow = 1 and purple = 20.
  • Then red, blue and green together make 26 if you look at column 1.
  • You can do the same with columns 1 and 5, with red and yellow. Red is then 8 more than yellow. So red could then be 9.
  • That leaves 17 for blue and green together.
  • Green is common in column 3. If you add purple and yellow to that, you already get 41, so you're left with 6 to get to 47.
  • So each green block is then 2. Then blue so 15.

Count all the columns with these numbers and you'll be right. So the last column is then 49 🙂

This Escape riddle probably takes way too long in an Escape Room, but if you have all the time, it is super fun to solve. However?

Any more riddles?

Are you not done with the Escape Room riddles yet? Then try the pages below again with many more riddles, quizzes, doodles, and brain teasers. And don't forget to order our Escape Room for at home! It's really great fun, a guarantee for a successful evening.

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