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Escape room at home – The Pharaoh’s Treasure

The Pharaoh's Treasure - Escape room at home or at school

Do you like to have your own Escape room at home? With this game, ‘The Pharaoh’s Treasure’ the children will have an interactive escape room at home, which they will talk about for a long time. Play it during a children's party at home, during a weekend break with the family, or with your entire school class. The escape room kids can be played at any location.

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The children will meet Tummy, the happy mummy. He will guide them during this game.

  • Escape room fans in the house?
  • Are you looking for an affordable, fun game for your children or for your family?
  • Would you like to organise an escape room at home?

Then make your kids happy with this Escape room for at home. Are they fanatical and keen to solve everything? Then they will probably manage to escape within 75 minutes. So go, go, go and transform your place into an interactive and exciting escape room at home.

The advantages of this Escape room at home

Clear script

Clear instructions to prepare the four rooms step by step.

Can be played with small and large groups

This game is suitable for a group with 2 children up to a group with 32 children

Very affordable birthday party

For this price you cannot organise a birthday party anywhere else.

100% fun

With this game your child(ren) will definitely have a great time.

Need help?

We are happy to help. We are also available in the evenings and at weekends.

Not satisfied? Money back!

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Escape room at home kids

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The Story of the Pharaoh’s Treasure

The children receive mail from their grandpa Peter in this Escape room at home. He was a famous archaeologist and spent years searching for the Pharaoh's treasure. In his quest, he had a lot of help from his great friend Tummy (the mummy).

Together they have been exploring the pyramids. Unfortunately, the treasure has never been found and poor Tummy is still locked in the pyramid. It is up to the children to find the treasure. Of course Tummy will help them with short videos, tips and grandpa’s old notebook.

But watch out... if the treasure is not found and the children do not escape in time, they will be trapped in the pyramid forever, just like Tummy.

Escape Room home

For each room of the escape room, the children are shown a video from the cheerful Tummy. By working well together, watching and listening, they can solve all the puzzles in the rooms.

All rooms in this Escape room at home contain interactive elements, such as WhatsApp, videoclips and sound fragments. This makes it super attractive and extra exciting for the children (and it is not scary). And the best part is, it's super educational too. They will learn about hieroglyphs, Egyptian gods, Morse code and with the Escape room at home they teach themselves to think logically.

Easy to order and to assemble

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What’s it like, this Escape Room at home?

You will receive all the materials you need to play the game by email. Just print all these materials and sometimes you have to cut and assemble them. It's not very complicated, it's just cut and paste, so you don't have to be creative or technical. It will take some time to prepare everything (+/- 1.5 hours for preparing and setting up the rooms). But... it is definitely worth it :-).

You will only need a few more other things for the game. Things like paper, scissors, tape, markers, ruler and... toilet paper. And a mobile phone during the game itself. We explain how it all works in a handy step-by-step script.
Is an escape room expensive? No, it is not expensive at all.

Escape room kids at home
Escaperoom at home

What do you get with this Escape Room at home?

  • You will receive the step-by-step scenario. This contains everything you need to know. The preparation, the course of the game, all the puzzles and solutions and how you can play without telephones. A simple explanation for the game master, so that everyone can play it.
  • All the materials for each room. Whereby we will clearly explain how to make and use them.
  • A score sheet. So you can keep track of how long it takes teams to escape. This is particularly useful if you are playing with several teams, for example in your class.

In other words: a great game to play. And as the game master, you can just join in if you want. Just don't read the solutions beforehand, right?

Ordering the Escape Room

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Playing Escape Room kids with your class?

Many primary school teachers ask us whether this escape room is suitable for playing with a class. It certainly is! Here is a short explanation of how you can play this with your class.

  • In 4 rooms (spaces) you preferably play with teams of a maximum of 4 children. Each team can start in a different 'room'. You then let them rotate. So you can have 16 children playing at the same time.
  • If you print the game twice, you could even play with 32 children (i.e. a whole class) at once.
  • The spaces can also be, for example: Outside (as long as you secure the material properly), a gymnasium, a corridor, etc.
  • If you have bought the game, you can play it again with other classes. If you laminate the game, it will stay in good condition so you can play it every year.
  • In the script we explain how you can play the game without a phone, as children are often not allowed to take them to school. But just for once..... it's much more fun with a phone.

We love games, do you?

What we think is one of the coolest things to do? That is escaping from an Escape Room. Good cooperation, solving puzzles, cracking codes, full of adrenaline we go about our work as a team. With friends, but also with our own family.

We are Richard and Marjolein from Playgroupgame.com. For more than 5 years we have been creating games for (large) groups of adults and children. Meanwhile, thousands of people in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and all English-speaking countries have played our games.

Richard & Marjolein

In our games range, we already had an Escape Room for children (Caught in a game). Since there was so much demand for a new game for children, we have now created the 'Treasure of the Pharaoh'. Interactive, for boys and girls in the age of 9 to 13 years. You can play this escape room anywhere you like. With your family, escaping at school camps or at birthday parties.

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about our Escape room at home. If you cannot find the answer and you still have a question: we are almost always available (also during the weekend). Ask your question for example via the app: +31683777853 or via the mail: [email protected]. We are happy to help you :-).


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