Our E-book with "the 60 best rebus puzzles, wuzzles puzzles and dingbats" is on its way to you by e-mail.

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In the meantime..... We have something fun for you! 

Richard & Marjolein


We are Richard and Marjolein from Group Games. We also can't get enough of difficult puzzles. That's why we have created this E-book with the 60 best rebus puzzles. Solve one puzzle a day and you have two months of puzzle fun.  It's great to get your brain cracking, isn't it? 


We also enjoy making puzzles like these and cracking codes in an escape room. But we find making escape rooms ourselves at least as much fun.  


We offer Escape rooms for adults and children via Playgroupgame.  These escape rooms can be played at your own location. For example, safely and cosily in your own home. A fun challenge to escape with your family or friends, or during a children’s party. 

Escape room home game

An Escape room for adults at home. With cool and interactive riddles and brain teasers. You will love it.

  • Can be played at any location
  • Interactive
  • Escape in 100 minutes 

Will your children manage to escape within 75 minutes? Transform your home into an exciting, challenging, interactive Escape Room.

  • To be played with a family with children aged 9-13 years
  • Theme and puzzles as experienced by children
  • Clear script
Escape room for kids