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Have fun with the mini Escape Room!

The free Escape Room demo will be in your mailbox within five minutes.

You can also download it HERE.

In the meantime, check out which fun Escape games you can play with us.

Escape rooms at home for kids

Escape room for kids

caught in a Game

Escape room for kids

The children are locked in a game.

In different levels, in the world of children, they have to escape.

Escape room for kids

The Pharaoh's treasure

The Pharaoh's Treasure - Escape room at home or at school

Try to find the Pharaoh’s treasure together with Tummy the mummy. If this fails, you will be locked up in the Pyramid for eternity...

Escape room at home for adults

Escape Room

Mafia gang

If you are with a group of friends, family or colleagues, we have a super cool, interactive Escape room to play at home: Our Escape Room Mafia gang.

Escape room mafia gang

How does an Escape Room for at home work?

If you order an Escape room for at home, you will receive it by email within 5 minutes after ordering.

You will receive all the materials you need to play the game by email. You must print these materials and sometimes you have to cut and assemble them. Nothing exciting, you don't have to be creative or technical. It will take you some time to prepare. But... it's definitely worth it.

You don't need much from home to be able to make and play it. Just things like paper, scissors, tape and markers. And a mobile phone to play the game. We explain how it all works in a handy step-by-step script that you will receive by email. 

Why play these Escape Rooms?

Decide for yourself where and when

Print the material and play it wherever and whenever you want.

To play with small or large groups

Play with multiple groups at the same time.


Full of videos, apps of codes, sound fragments, etc

An affordable price for a super fun game

No surprises in the price. One price for the whole group.

Order 2 or 3

and get a discount

Can't choose? Do you want to order multiple Escape Rooms? You get 25% discount on the second game. You even get a third game with 30% discount.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are happy if you and your group have enjoyed one of our games. If you think back to that afternoon or evening with a smile on your face, then you have made our day. Therefore, not satisfied, money back.

Richard and Marjolein