Christmas family games; 12 top ideas to make your Christmas unforgettable

Christmas family dice games

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Lights on in the tree, warm chocolate with whipped cream on the table and the delicious songs of Michael Bublé in the background. Do you also like Christmas that much? It's one of the nicest, cosiest times of the year. Although this year the holidays will have to be celebrated with a little less people. That shouldn't spoil the fun, of course. Because, put some fun Christmas family games on the program and it will be just as Christmas as usual.

Looking for inspiration for fun Christmas family games? We have listed our favorites for you.

Christmas family games

Online Christmas Family Games: Pubquiz

It really is the time of year to be with your family. The pubquiz is a game that can be played by (almost) anyone. Young and old play along. With a cozy music round. Nice swinging and singing along with this quiz. If you are going to celebrate Christmas with a group of colleagues, this pub quiz might be something for you. Ten rounds with ten questions, including a music round. You can play it online via Zoom or Micorsoft Teams with each other.

>>Check out the Pubquiz

Online Christmas family game

Christmas dice game

If you are celebrating Christmas with a group of friends, then this game is a must: The Christmas dice game. It is a super fun and short Christmas game with presents. How does the Christmas dice game work?

Everyone in the group buys three small Christmas presents in advance. You agree on a fixed amount with each other. And what makes it extra funny is to do, for example, two nice gifts that everyone wants and one crazy Christmas gift as the third. Everyone has to wrap the Christmas presents so that you don't see what they are. All the wrapped presents are placed on the table and then you can play the Christmas dice game.

What else do you need for the Christmas dice game?

  • dice
  • stopwatch (on a mobile phone) or an alarm clock
  • The explanation of the Christmas dice game per round. For your convenience, we have put these below.
  • Have fun playing this fun Christmas game!
Christmas dice game 1
Christmas dice game

Would you like to receive this Christmas dice game for free?

One favorite among the Christmas family games: The charade game

This game is on our program every year. The Charade family game. Probably you've played it before. Everybody puts known persons, animals or figures, that the whole group knows, on a few notes. All the notes go in one big box and then you play in teams, in pairs or triplets, against each other. The game consists of three rounds, in which each team has 30 seconds to guess the person on the note. If your team member guesses who is on the note, you can keep it and get a point for it. If the 30 seconds are up, the next team is allowed to guess. This way you go around until all the notes are gone.

How does the Charade game work?

  • Round 1
    Consists of explaining in words who or what is on the note. You are not allowed to mention the name of the person on the note. After round 1 all the notes go back into the bin and then round 2 starts.
  • Round 2
    In this round you are not allowed to talk, but may only portray. Because you already know from round 1 who is in the bin, this is easy to do. After round 2 the papers go back into the bin and start round 3.
  • Round 3
    In this round you may only say 1 word. Of course not the name of the person. The team that picked up the most notes in total after three rounds has won. 

A great and hilarious Christmas family game, that you can also play online at Christmas time. Make sure that one person is always the one who portrays or tells. And the one who has to guess is always on the other side of the computer.

Christmas scavenger hunt

This game is a kind of scavenger hunt where you have to collect stuff. A scavenger hunt is actually much easier and more active than a treasure hunt. You will have to find and collect a lot of things that you have been given on a list. To prove that you've seen the things you can have the stuff taken with you. But... now that you have cameras on your mobile phone, you can also allow evidence this way. You divide the group into groups and all you need is a playing card, a mobile phone and a pencil.

To make it easy, we have already made a free Christmas scavenger hunt for you. 

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Christmas scavenger hunt

Christmas treasure hunt

Whether it's snowing or not at Christmas, it's good to go outside during the holidays. Just take off all the Christmas pounds. Do you have children? Then put out a nice scavenger hunt in advance. This really doesn't have to be difficult. It can be with old-fashioned arrows on the ground, or for example with fun questions about Christmas, you can see hanging at certain points. If they choose the right multiple choice answer, they know whether to go left, right or straight.

Christmas family games: Cool and stupid

A nice variation on the note game is 'Cool and stupid'. Everyone in the group writes down 3 things he or she thinks are very cool. And you guessed it, also 3 notes with things you think are really stupid. (Make sure your handwriting is not recognized) After that the notes go in a large container. Take turns pulling a bill out of the box. You have to guess who the note belongs to. If you guess correctly, you can keep the note and you have a point and grab another note. If you're wrong, it's your next turn. If you draw your own card, you are in luck. Tell the rest what you think is stupid or cool. One of the funniest Christmas family games, where you get to know your friends or family very well.

Christmas family game puzzle

Christmas puzzle

It sounds a bit old-fashioned, but we can certainly enjoy a big Christmas puzzle at home. Preferably with a lot of puzzle pieces. Every time you walk by, you will automatically solve one piece of the puzzle. Nice to do with your children. Put the puzzle on a large plate that you put on the table. This way you can move it once in a while when you get eaters.

One of the funniest Christmas family games: Who or what am I?

I used to play this game often in the lost hours with some colleagues. You put a post it on your forehead, with a known person (written by someone else) on it. By asking questions you have to find out who or what you are. The colleague who first guessed his ticket wins.

Nowadays you don't have to deal with post-its anymore. There are several apps on the market where you can keep your phone in front of your forehead. They are also called Charade games. From the talk show of Ellen de Generes they often play Heads up! Where you can choose from 75 categories of people.

Can't you sit together at Christmas? Then this is one of the fun and simple Christmas games to play online. Find each other in a Zoom meeting and download the games to your phone. Success and lots of fun guaranteed.

Escape in your own home

Are you celebrating Christmas with your own family at home this year? And are you a fan of Escape Rooms yourself? Then make your own escape room in your own home. At Playgroupgame we have a great ecape room for kids up to 13 years old. How does it work? You receive the documents digitally. With the help of the supplied script you will prepare the rooms. To do this you have to cut, paste and hang things in your own house or location. Bring your phone with you when you play the game, because in an interactive way you get tips or you have to go through codes. One of the super coolest Christmas family games. Can you and your family escape?

>> Check out the children's escape room

Escape room for kids

Christmas family game for children

Maybe you know it from a fun game with a children's party. bite cookies on a rope. But at Christmas it has to stay a bit in the Christmas spirit. So instead of making cookies, make Christmas wreaths on a rope. Put on a blindfold and bite. Your children will love this kind of Christmas family games in between. Super fun and delicious!

Are you telling the truth?

How well can you lie? This is a fun Christmas game for adults to play. Fun with a group of friends. How does it work? Sit together. In turns someone tells three statements about himself. Try to keep your face in a poker face as much as possible. Of the three statements, two are true, but one is a lie. The intention is of course to guess what the lie is. Every player who mentions an 'honest answer' as a statement will give you a point.

Top 3 Christmas family board games

Of course, a cool board game should not be missed at Christmas time. What we find the best Christmas board games? These are in our top three:

Tiny towns

A challenging and strategic game, which is not too complex to play. The trick is to use your raw materials in a smart way to make buildings for your city. How do you get the most points, but also make sure you don't get stuck? To play from 10 years and up to six players. An ideal board game at Christmas time.

Christmas family board games


A fun and fast family dice game which is quick and easy to play. You have to take turns rolling the dice, but every roll is interesting for every player. Because everyone can tick something on their own scoreboard. So you don't have to wait for each other like with Yahtzee. The dice game can be played from the age of 8. So an ideal Christmas game (and present) for children.


It may not be more appropriate in this period. The board game Pandemic is an ideal game to play with the holidays. You can only win by working together and fighting four viruses in a team. What a Christmas spirit! The game is quite strategic, but can be played from the age of 10.

We wish you Happy Games Days!

After all these months we yearn for coziness. That's what Christmas is for! We hope we have given you enough inspiration for some fun Christmas family games. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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