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Escape Room Birthday Party; How to give your child the coolest party

It is probably recognizable for most parents. It is almost your child's birthday and you are faced with the challenge of coming up with an original children's party again. Preferably something new, which is cool for your child and which the friends will talk about for a long time to come. Oh yes, not unimportant either. It has to be easy to arrange for yourself and it has to be a bit of an affordable birthday party... Good luck! An Escape Room Birthday Party is totally hip these days. Fun on location, but also for a children's party at home.

Escape Room Birthday Party

Kids Escape Room, popular with your family or for a birthday party

What we ourselves find very cool to do is to play escape rooms. We have played quite a lot of rooms already. And yes, fortunately most of them escape. Well, except for the time I accidentally let the locker key of our coats enter the game. Why doesn't that key fit anywhere? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Escape room for kids

Looking for an Escape Room for a Birthday Party at home?

What is an Escape Room?

In short for those who don't yet know what an escape room is: An escape room is a location where you are locked up together with a group of friends. By making puzzles and solving codes in different rooms, you need to escape as quickly as possible. Many of the rooms have a special storyline in which everything happens. Only by working well together will it usually be possible to escape. This is also the most amazing thing about an escape room. Because working together turns out to be quite difficult in practice. Adrenaline does the strangest things to you. You immediately see all the characters coming back into the game. Are you a leader who takes the initiative or a silent puzzler who solves most of the puzzle in the end?

Kids escape rooms are becoming more and more popular. With our girls we have regularly done a family escaperoom. Super cool family outing. The funny thing is that children often look at puzzles in a very different way. We ourselves sometimes think very complicated. While they have the solution right in front of you.

Escape room Birthday Party at Home

When we started our gaming site a number of years ago, it was of course no surprise which game we were going to make: An escape room! But to rent and renovate a spooky abandoned basement went a bit too far for us. (let alone the two left hands we have!?). The challenge was to make an escape room that you can do at any location. We were so proud when the game the Mafia Gang (our first Dutch Escape Game) was finished. Playing an escape room is fun, but making it is just as much fun!

If you want to make an escape room for your birthday party just like us, of course you can. An escape room birthday party at home can be just as much fun. What's more, it's affordable, you don't have a maximum per room and you can do all sorts of things besides that. With a little preparation and creativity, it has to be possible, doesn't it? In our blog 'Making an escape room' we have listed some tips for you.

Don't feel like getting started yourself? And do you want an escape room children's party at home? Maybe our game the Escape room junior is something for you. Good luck! Have fun playing.

Escape Room Kids party

Our first Escape Room Birthday Party  

For the youngest of our girls we once organised an escape room children's party. That was a few years ago. Back then you didn't have a lot of escape rooms for children. Everyone loved the party. Bouncing and full of adrenaline all the children came out of the room. Now we are lucky that we have a top escape room on location in our neighbourhood. Tailored down to the last detail and a good fit with the storyline. With many different rooms for adults and children.

An escape room birthday party, suitable for every child?

With every children's party it remains a guess whether everyone is having a good time. We have also sometimes experienced that some girlfriends were in tears at a children's party. When we celebrated the escape room children's party for our daughter, it didn't seem to go well at first either. All the children were very cool beforehand. "We're going to escape!", they cried very bravely. When they entered, they saw some posters of the adult escape rooms. You saw the faces change. Oops! Fortunately, after some lemonade and a bag of crisps, the attention was elsewhere.

Is an Escape Room scary for kids?

Even though the escape rooms are made for kids. Some children find it quite scary and exciting beforehand. It's good to take that into account. The children's escape rooms themselves are often fully catered for. In our first kids Escape Room , for example, the room was more illuminated and a "help rascal" went into the room with it. This way it is less scary and they can get a little help.

Escape Room kids party

What should you pay attention to?

Are you organising an escape room children's party for the first time? Then here are a few tips you can look out for in advance:

  • Minimum or maximum number of children in the escape room?
    Usually, your child wants to invite just a little more children than you had planned. Well, then it will be tricky if you can only play in the escape room with a maximum number of children. At some locations they have rooms that you can play against each other. Handy for large groups with children's parties. Then you can split up.
  • Do you only pay for the room, or is it an escape room arrangement?
    An escape room birthday party can be quite expensive. Usually you only pay for the room. For children's parties these days, they offer handy arrangements, so that you don't have to pay extra for fries, for example.
  • What age is an escape room suitable for children?
    Some escape rooms start at the age of seven. Usually this is fine then. However, it is good to read in advance what the theme is and whether it is not too scary. In our experience, children from the age of nine to ten are the most fun to escape. There is only one disadvantage. Due to the hype, there have usually been other children's escape room parties of friends, so you can't do it yourself anymore.
  • Can you be present as a parent, or is there supervision from the children's escape room?
    We loved to see such a group of girls escaping with each other. We allowed a parent to come inside with us (also a party for ourselves!). In addition, someone from the escape room went with us. Usually this is the case and as a parent you can look behind the scenes. If you have very frightened children, it is useful to check this beforehand.
  • Read the reviews to see if the room is really suitable as an escape room birthday party.
    Nowadays there are so many sites with reviews about escape rooms. The really good (and bad) rooms usually have a lot of reactions. Also from parents about children's parties, or rooms they played with the family. This way you can assess whether the theme suits your child and whether it's not too exciting.

Escape room kids party: affordable and feasible?

No matter how cool we thought the escape room birthday party for our daughter was, there were some drawbacks too...

An escape room is usually not very cheap. On average, they cost a hundred euros or more. Okay, you buy a great experience for your child. That is worth a lot. But after an hour you are also outside again. And then you still have to entertain all those bouncing, starving kids. The costs for a fries and a candy bag are still to be paid for. Ketsjing! That doesn't fit in everyone's budget for a children's party.

Escape room party expensive

With two cars

Luckily the escaperooms are in many locations these days. But most of the time it is a bit of a drive. We used to stuff some more children in one backseat. With the police checks nowadays we don't do that anymore. You often need two cars for a birthday party to get somewhere. And then you sometimes have the misfortune that a room can only be used for a maximum number of children. So the puzzling begins for yourself in order to be able to arrange it.

Giving away puzzles

Then there is the final risk of an escape room birthday party. The "nagging" girlfriend that ruined it for the rest. "I already know!" An escape room is just the most fun when no one has played the room yet. How annoying it is when someone reveals all the puzzles. So now that it is so popular to escape, it is useful to check in advance whether any children have already done this escape room.

Complete your birthday party with an escape room invitation

I am sure we are not the only ones with this tick. If we organise a party for our girls, then everything should be on that theme. Whether it was a witch party, Paw Patrol children's party or a who is the mole children's party. Recognizable?

How nice it is, that at an escape room children's party you already get an invitation in that atmosphere at home. And when you leave, you also get something in this theme. It takes more time, but then you also have something. Although time? With these handy tips, it's easy:

Fun ideas for making invitations to an Escape Room Birthday Party

  • Write the invitation in mirror writing and stick it on your card.
  • Make a secret document containing the (short) invitation text. 
    You can also do this in two parts, where the children will get the explanation a day later, for example. 
  • Create a riddle, the outcome of which they have to append to a telephone number.
     If they get the answer right, they will receive the invitation per app in the WhatsApp.
  • Make your invitation look good with, for example, Canva
    Canva has many handy templates that you can use for free. For example, you can give the invitation your own atmosphere which is the same as the children's escape room you are going to. It contains all kinds of pictures with locks, keys, bars, etc. That has to work out well.
  • Puzzles for unpacking the gifts
    What always worked well for us is that every time a child is allowed to give the gift, you first do a puzzle or riddle together. Only when the puzzle is solved can your child unpack the gift from that boyfriend. (Hide his or her name in the puzzle, even more fun!) If you want ideas for fun escape room puzzles, take a look at our previous blog about creating your own DIY Escape Room at home.

Kids Party Entertainment: 18 Top Ideas To Give Your Child The Ultimate Birthday Party

Are you searching the entire internet to find fun kids party entertainment? Well, you are not the only one.

A new year means that your child's birthday is coming up again and then sometimes the panic strikes. Finding presents is quite a job, but that's going to be all right in the end, isn't it? Children often already know what they want.

You strip away the excessively expensive gifts and leave enough fun things to give to your child. But it doesn't completely take away the panic. Because what to organize for the children's party?

Kids party entertainment

Do you organize it at home or outside the door ? And how do you surpass last year and all those parties of children from the classroom? 

That's why we wrote this blog to help you getting ideas to organize a great children's party at home with games your child and his or her friends and girlfriends are still talking about years later.

We have selected a top 18 of kids party entertainment ideas for you, which undoubtedly will give you some useful ideas. Have fun preparing!

Kids party entertainment: Photoshoot / Make up party

This party is also one of the nicest children's party ideas, because a lot of girls like to get dressed up and want to spend an afternoon in the role of a real photo model.

Provide a nice background (white screen / white wall). Turn on some bright lights and shine them on the wall and take care of lots of clothes. Dress up clothes always do well of course. And then the make up. Make sure you have a good plastic cloth on your table and - if necessary - cover the chairs well. And then the table full of mascara, lipstick, nail polish, glitter, feathers, combs, cuttings, elastic bands and whatever else you can find.

Kids party entertainment

You can let the children do their own thing, but you can also choose to make up the children yourself or ask someone from your own circle to do so. You put on a cheerful music and the girls have a great time. Worth considering for the children's party at home.

Birthday Child: The Night Watch

This is a game that children do not know these days, but what the generation in their thirties and forties undoubtedly still know. The Night Watch is a game that is played in a dark room. All children except one hide in the room. Make sure there are enough benches, closets where they can hide behind.

How does it work ? Each child picks a lottery ticket out of a bag. On those lots you write down animal names and a number in advance. For example 1: dog, 2: cat, 3: cow, 4: horse, 5: pig, 6: lion. One child is the Night Watchman and he enters the room. The child says: the Night Watch calls 3. The child with number 3 (the cow in this case) makes the sound of a cow. The Night Watchman has to guess which child this is. If it is guessed correctly, the child comes out. If it is guessed wrong, there is no reaction and the child remains seated.

The number of turns the Night Watch needs to find everyone, is the number of penalty points scored. If you let each child be the Night Watch once (and change the species of animals a few times, that's more fun), then the one with the lowest score wins.

And you know one thing for sure: if the first child has been the Night Watch, then they all want to be the Night Watch again.

Escape Room for kids at home

Do you really want to organize a guaranteed super children's party at home? Then an Escape room for children should not be missing. Of course you can make it yourself, but do you want it much easier? Take a look at our game Escaperoom Junior. After you order you will receive the documents with materials in your email and with some preparation you will have decorated your 4 rooms as an Escape Room 1,5 hours later. Just in your own home.

Rooms that both boys and girls are going to like and the game is partly interactive, because the answers the kids can whatsappen to a phone number. If the answer is correct, they get a response. How exciting is that! Especially when they also have to call a number. The voice mail tells them how to proceed.

Take a look at our Escape Room for kids at home.

Escape room for kids

Kids party entertainment: Old-fashioned Games

It sounds old-fashioned, but of course it's still fun to play various games from the old days during the children's party at home. You will notice that many children have never heard of these group games. Put in the garden, in the park a course with various games. Make a scorecard and attach it to a string, so the children can wear the scorecard as a necklace. Make an A4 in advance with a kind of diploma and play!

As an example we have chosen a small selection of the possibilities you have:

Old Dutch game: ‘spijkerpoepen’, or in other words ‘Nail pooping’

In preparation: You take 2 wine bottles or beer bottles and put them on the ground. Then you tie a rope to a long nail and then you tie the rope around the child's waist, so that the rope with the nail hangs half a meter above the ground behind the child like a kind of tail. The task for the child is to lower the nail into the 2 bottles as quickly as possible. You take a stopwatch (nowadays on every smartphone) and keep track of the time. You write that time on the scorecard, so at the end of all games you can see who did it the fastest. If you have younger children, it's quite a job to get the nail in. If the kids are a little older, you can make the challenge a little bigger by telling them that the nail must not hit the bottle.

Bite the cake

Tie cakes to string and hang them on a line. The children can come and bite cookies one by one, but before they do that, put a blindfold on them first. Then you turn them around a few times and then you let them look for them. They have to keep their hands on their backs. The cake has to go all the way.

Old fashioned party entertainment: Potato sack racing

Take a big potato sack and let the children run a course one by one while jumping in the bag.

Throw the tin

Collect 10 tin cans, stack them up: 4 at the bottom, 3 on top, 2 on top and 1 on top again. Take care of a few small balls (e.g. tennis balls, but rather soft balls) and throw them.

Hitting nails

Make sure you have a piece of thick wood and put some nails in the wood. The children can hit with 1 hand with the hammer. The number of strokes they need to hit the nail all the way into the wood is their score.

potato bag racing

Balloon kicks

We used to hate it when we were kids, but most kids love it. Inflate 1 balloon for each child and tie it with a string to the ankle. The assignment is to kick each other's balloon. The one who keeps the balloon in one piece for the longest time wins the game.

What can I taste? 

Let the children take turns to come to you in a separate room and put on a blindfold. Then you give them some flavors to taste on small spoons and they have to guess what it is.

Enough games to be sweet for a few hours. Especially smaller children still love to do this.

Making a DIY Marble run / Water track

For this activity you need to make sure you have a lot of materials in house.  At the end of the children's party at home there will be a marble walking along a track through the house from top to bottom. Not only materials are important, but also the stairs in the house can be used for this of course.

kids party entertainnment Marble run

Think of materials such as tubes, vacuum cleaner hoses, gutters, lego, garden hose, toilet rolls, cardboard tubes, curtain rails, lampshades (as funnel), train rails, stones. At Recycling stores, DIY stores you can also get plenty of ideas. On the internet you can find enough examples to make a great job. Of course, you can also choose to divide the group into smaller groups, so that several small jobs are made. And maybe you can connect them if you let them work on several floors in the house.

It will take some help from you as a parent, but the result is a proud group of boys (or girls) with a homemade tough marble job. In the summer you can also do it outside and choose a water track instead of marbles.

With possible activities for a birthday child, this should certainly not be missing from the list. This kids party entertainment is simple to organize and gives them 100% fun.

Disco children

Kids Disco party at home

Do you have a large barn, a garage or can you blind the living room completely by hanging for example black cloths, then you create your space in no time to a disco. Check the internet, because for very little money you can rent a disco ball, a smoke machine and a strobe near you. Put all the cushions you can find on the side of the room so the kids can chill out during the disco party. And of course take care of the music your child likes. Via Youtube you can look up songs that are subtitled. Then you can create your own karaoke show. All you need for that is a microphone.

And a disco party is not a disco party if no games are played of course. Chair dance is on music, but you can also stop songs after which the children have to finish the sentence of the song. Girls certainly want to try a real disco party at home as a children's party.

Human stratego

Most adults have heard of Stratego and a lot of people have played it. The board game where you have to defeat the army of the other party by conquering the flag. Your army consists of different kinds of ranks of the army.

From Marshal to Explorer. The stronger rank beats the lower rank when they meet on the board. Then the Marshal always wins, you would say. No, there is 1 figure: the spy who is the only one who can defeat the Marshal when he meets him on the board. And there are bombs on the board, which even a Marshal can't withstand. The difficult part of the game is that you don't know beforehand what the rank of the opponent's play piece is, because they have their backs to you.

And so there is Human Stratego, which you can play very well with a larger group of children. It is already played a lot in schools with the whole class. Running after each other, stealing each other's flag. The children love it. One of the best kids party entertainment: fun and healthy!

Circus children's party at home

How fun it is to put together a circus show together. Of course only acts that aren't dangerous, but there is plenty you can think of.

  • The clowns; 2 kids can do a clown act together. Dress them up and make them look like clowns and let them do some stupid stunts. Jump boxing and then bump into each other. Stumble over each other's feet.
  • The magician; the internet and especially Youtube is full of magic tricks. Take a few off and teach them to the child or children. Provide a top hat, a black magic wand and the act can begin.
  • Acrobatics; there are undoubtedly children who can do a turn of the wheel or a handstand or maybe stand on their head. Maybe they can put a leg in their neck, or sit down and fold their feet on their thighs and then walk on their knees. It is useful to let the more flexible types in your group do this.
  • The circus director; he or she presents all the acts to the audience.
  • The animal show; 1 child is the dunce and a few other children make you into a lion. Maybe you even have some clothes you can put on to make them look extra like a lion. A paper tail is made like this.
Kids entertainment clown

And of course you secretly invite the parents a quarter of an hour earlier to come and watch the show. Maybe it's possible to turn a space at home into a circus arena. You need some creativity and the necessary materials, but a circus show during the children's party at home is a real happening.

Kid party entertainment: Human memory

A short, but oh so fun group game for children is the Living Memory. We all know the game memory where you have to find 2 of the same pictures. Now you have to find 1 child, 2 the same children.

How does it work? All children are in 1 room, except the one who has to solve the memory. The children make 2 numbers and agree in advance on a certain movement that they do when their name is said. For example, 2 children agree to make a pirouette when their name is mentioned. Another 2 may agree to jump in the air and another 2 may decide to roll on the ground. Each turn, the child who guesses, may call 2 children's names. If they call 2 children's names that do the same, they will leave the game. Just as long as all children are guessed. Simple, short, but great fun as an kids party entertainment activity.

Kids entertainment cooking party

Cooking or Baking party as a children's party

Make your own birthday cake ? Or your own pizza during the children's party at home. Tasty kneading, mixing, baking, cooking and above all lots of tasting. Put them all on a chef's hat and tell them in steps what to do. The kids will hang on to your lips and have a lot of fun while preparing the goodies. And of course at the end of the party they will eat everything. Pies, peppernuts, cookies, pizza, there is so much fun to come up with. Enjoy your meal at one of the nicest children's parties (or should we say: nicest children's parties ever). We love this kids party entertainment idea! Mmmm delicious.

Birthday child with science trials and experiments

Experimenting and doing tests, is of course absolutely great. And there's nothing like children being allowed to try it out for themselves.

Just to be clear: everything you decide to do with your group of children is at your own risk. Put a white coat on the children, put them on safe glasses. Although the tests you choose may not even be dangerous, the children feel like real professors. To get inspiration for tests, you might want to take a look at the website about explosive science experiments for kids. I hope your house is still there after the children's party.

science party kids

Children's party at home: the Pyjama sleepover party

Especially when the children are older and there is no more homesickness, a pajama party is of course very cozy.All in the onesie, all the mattresses next to each other in the living room and in the evening after all the games from this top list to have played a nice movie together with the lights out.  Popcorn and drinks and you have your own night movie theater.

Kids party entertainment: Laser game 

This is a game you can easily make at home. What do you need ? 1 space and a few balls of red wool. With that red wool you span all threads through the room. The wires are the lasers. The children have to go through the room without touching the lasers. So make it difficult. Somewhere underneath, somewhere over. Make sure they need each other to avoid certain wires. Very nice to play together with the children at your child's birthday party. Laser game is short and can therefore be combined with other fun children's games at a children's party at home.

Craft party

Are you familiar with Pinterest on the internet? Just look at Craft Party and the ideas fly around your ears. Children (until a certain age for sure) always like to do crafts. Of course, the concentration curve depends on the age, so take that into account in what you're going to do with the kids. But during the children's party at home together at the kitchen table, rolling up sleeves and having a good time, is very cozy and the kids make something they can proudly show to their parents later on.

The ultimate kids party entertainment: Bingo!

Bingo is a very old game, but it's still a lot of fun to win.  Buy a prize for each child and then play the bingo cards on the table (you can also download them on the internet).

And if you want to make your children's party at home even more fun, play another version of the game. Animal bingo for example.

You make cards with animal names on them. You make bingo cards with animal pictures on them or animal names. And then you take the first card: the elephant. So you don't say: the elephant. You imitate the sound of an elephant. Everyone who has the elephant on his card also imitates the elephant and stripes the elephant. And so on.

Bingo party

Create your own kids slime party

Nowadays it's impossible to imagine making mucus without it. Wow, what a mess we had in the kitchen. But the kids thought it was a great party.

Never too old te play

With these ideas we hope to give you some inspiration for fun children's parties. Maybe you have some great ideas you want to share. You can react on this blog, but you can also go to [email protected]

Playing is not only for kids, adults also like to play a group game during a weekend away. So surprise your friends, family or colleagues on a fun game.

"You're never too old to play".

Searching as adult for a nice groupgame?

Check out our Murder Game! Each player gets a role in this murder game 'Murder at the Mafia' and they get a little bit of information that they have to share proactively or reactively when asked for. A game full of fun and cosiness.

>> Murder Game

Murder game