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Baby shower games – 18 most entertaining games in a row

Are you about to have a baby shower? Then of course baby shower games may not be missing. It will certainly provide extra laughter and fun for your friends, sisters (in law), colleagues and mothers (in law). Play the various baby shower games briefly in between all the fun. And the mum to be, regardless of whether she likes games, will have an unforgettable baby shower.

We have listed all the baby shower games for you.

The 9 months baby shower game

This game is similar to the famous 30 seconds game. But you guessed it, then with all kinds of words to do with being pregnant, giving birth and the first weeks of being a new mom.

The game is played in teams against each other. Where someone has to describe as many of these baby shower words as possible in 30 seconds. You will earn a point for each word that you will guess correctly. Which team can guess the most words correctly?

You can make this game yourself in advance, by putting the words on notes. As game fans, we have also prepared it all for you. For example, you get a short game explanation and you can easily print and cut out the cards. In total, there are 150 words to guess!

You will receive this baby shower game for free with our Gender Reveal game. Want to know more? >> Then quickly check out our Gender Reveal and 9 months baby shower game.

Gender reveal game

Order the Gender Reveal game and get the 9 Months Baby Shower game for free

The diaper-smelling game

Get used to it, soon you will have nappies full of smelly baby poo. To get into the swing of things, this is a super funny baby shower game to play. Very simple, smear nice smelling or just stinky products on different nappies. The mum-to-be has to sniff all the nappies to guess what's in them. What works well? Think about peanut butter, mothercare products, onions, stinky cheese, etc.

diaper-smelling game

The baby shower bingo

You don't play this bingo with numbers to be drawn, but rather with typical words associated with a baby shower. Everyone has a bingo card in front of them while you are just chatting. If a word is said, you get to mark it off on your card. The person who has a full card first wins.

Babyshower bingo
Baby shower game package

Receive the baby shower pack for free?

You get three free printables with the:

  • Babyshower Bingo
  • Babyshower alphabet
  • Baby predictions

Baby shower game: measuring the baby bump

Who can best estimate the circumference of the baby bump in centimetres? Grab a ball of wool and scissors. Everyone gets to cut a piece of string of how big you think the circumference of the baby bump is. Then grab a tape measure and measure it. A simple baby shower game to do in between, but also great fun to know how big that belly actually is.

Baby photo guessing

Ask everyone coming to the baby shower to send a baby photo of themselves. Print these out and line them up. Will the mum-to-be know who it is on the photo?

Baby shower game to save

How fun is it to predict in advance what the baby will be and what it will be called. Have your baby shower guests fill this out in advance, along with a nice wish for the baby. Print out all the documents and you have a great baby keepsake book for later.

Babyshower prections

Blindfolded baby snacks tasting

Ai, this is not the tastiest part of the baby shower. But it is a super fun baby shower game to do. Buy different baby snacks and let the mother-to-be taste them while blindfolded. Can she figure out the right flavours? Handy, because that way you know beforehand what a tasty flavour will be for your baby!

Friday afternoon drinks in a baby bottle

For all mothers-to-be who do like a glass of wine, Friday afternoon drinks will be a favourite time. Too bad, because that is just not what is allowed while pregnant. As a joke, fill a baby bottle with a variety of delicious non-alcoholic drinks. Does she know which flavours she tastes?

Hilarious baby shower game: pregnant nail-pooping

Who knows this game? Nail pooping. You must have done this many times as a child at a children's party. This is the funny version of it. Everyone has to put a pillow or balloon under their jumper. You tie a rope around it, with a nail on a string at the back end.

Who will be the first "pregnant" person to get the nail in the bottle? This baby shower game is guaranteed to make everyone smile.

The baby names alphabet

The aim of this baby shower game is to come up with a cute name out of all the letters of the alphabet. Play it in teams against each other. Who will finish first and who has come up with the cutest names? Who knows, you might even find inspiration as a mum-to-be for a fun name.

Babyshower alphabet

Karaoke with children's songs

Find a nice list of children's songs on Spotify or YouTube, for example. Do you know all the children's songs? Or do you need to practice them a bit more? It is also fun, for example, to suddenly stop the music, leaving the pregnant woman to finish the song.

Baby stuff guess

Let's see how well the mummy-to-be already knows all the baby stuff? A funny baby shower game to play quickly in between. Blindfold the pregnant woman and take turns giving her an attribute related to being pregnant or giving birth and having children. Think dummy, baby bottle, nappy, belly button etc.

Baby shower quiz

We love quizzes! Do you? Then play this special baby shower quiz. How much do you know about all the things related to being pregnant and having children? It seems simple, but we found the questions of this baby shower game quite tricky.

>>Play the baby shower quiz here

Baby shower quiz

Baby shower game: How expensive is a baby?

The answer is simple: very expensive. But... you get so much in return! In this baby shower game, the pregnant person is going to guess how expensive something is. Make sure you know the prices of some products. Show these items and let the pregnant person estimate how much it costs. Oops, she will sometimes be quite shocked by the prices.

Creative baby shower games

If you like to get a bit more creative at a baby shower, we have some great ideas for you here.

Decorating nappies 

That you will soon need a lot of nappies is a fact. But how nice is it when you see a beautiful creation, with a nice wish on the nappy? Get to work with fabric markers and let your visitors decorate the outside of the nappy and put a personalised text with the sender's name on it.

Baby Pictionary

Do you love drawing? Then this baby shower game is fun for you to do. Again, you divide the group into teams. Make as many drawings as possible in 30 seconds within the group, with the rest of the group having to guess what it is. For each item guessed, your team will get a point. This game makes good use of the cards from the 9 months game.

Drawing on a bib

You can't have enough bibs. Spitting and first bites, it all ends up on the bibs. That is why it is fun to colour bibs together with your visitors. Or make a bib with a nice saying for your baby. For example, buy some bibs without printing at the shop. Use waterproof fabric markers, so that when you wash them, only the baby spit comes out and not your beautiful creation.

Dyeing baby bodysuits

You can do the same idea as above with baby bodysuits. You will see the baby bodysuits every day. How nice is it to see the creation of your baby shower guests later on?

Baby shower game package

Receive the baby shower pack for free?

You get three free printables with the:

  • Babyshower Bingo
  • Babyshower alphabet
  • Baby predictions

Had enough fun baby shower ideas?

In all these 18 baby shower games, there is bound to be a fun idea you can do with your group. We wish you all the best for you, your family and the baby-to-be!

How to create the best Pub Quiz questions for your (virtual) General Knowledge Pub Quiz

We love pub quiz questions. Do you remember it? The time when we played pub quizzes in pubs!

But because of the pandemic, we are forced to organise more pub quizzes online. How do you arrange this? And which pub quiz questions will you ask? As real games fanatics, we would like to help you organise and create your own pub quiz questions.

Good luck quizmaster!

Pub quiz questions

In this blog:

1. Some important things to think about and tips to help you create pub quiz questions.
2. A link to our very own ready-made pub quiz, which is guaranteed to give you and your group (online) a great time (no questions asked)
3. A link to our very own Quiz Page, where you can play a free round of quizzes.
4. Pub quiz questions 2020 might be what you are looking for. It would be going too far to create up all the pub quiz questions 2020 here, but here is a tip on how you can very easily create questions about 2020.

Topics pub quiz question rounds

Before you start thinking about the pub quiz questions, you first have to decide what are the most fun topics for your group for the various rounds during the pub quiz. This depends first of all on the average age of the players taking part. If you are playing in a nursing home, it does not make much sense to do music rounds with songs that are listed in the current charts. Conversely, with young children, there is no point in asking too many historical questions.  In football canteens the participants will mainly be male and in tennis canteens it is more of a mix.

The level of the group also determines the difficulty of the pub quiz questions and answers. Usually, you will find that there is a mix of ages, men and women, with higher and lower education. So it is important to have quiz questions that everyone will enjoy.

Pub quiz

Ready-made Pub Quiz

Discover how you can turn a boring, not so special evening with friends, family, or maybe even your club, into an unforgettable and super fun evening with this challenging ready-made Pub Quiz. With 100 questions.

Trivia questions

So for each topic, think about what types you have within this topic. For example, with Food & Drink you can choose: vegetables, fruit, snacks, desserts, juices, alcoholic drinks, foreign dishes, recipes, etc. It is a matter of brainstorming. Get some pen and paper and start writing. First the subjects and then the types you can think of.

Another idea is to use the trivia format. Then there will be 6 rounds: Entertainment, Art & Literature, Geography, Science & Nature, Sports & Recreation and History. Triviant questions still put a smile on the face of many people.

And finally, it is of course fun to make up a round of pub quiz questions and answers about your own club. Example tennis club: who won the men's singles in 2020 at our club championships? Who was the employee of the past year? How many members has our club? Or how many children are members of our club?

Once you have worked out which topics to choose, it is time to think about the types of pub quiz questions and answers. Our standard pub quiz that we offer is a true general knowledge quiz, but besides the content, it is also important that the quiz questions are fun. Funny quiz questions always go down well in a room. After all, you want people to have a good laugh, they want to be entertained.

Types of general knowledge quiz questions

Within the types of pub quiz questions you can choose:

  • multiple choice questions
  • statement questions (about a picture for example): are they both correct, both incorrect or is one of them correct
  • open questions
  • Estimation questions; this is also a very fun way of asking your pub quiz questions. The team that gives the best estimate for a certain question, wins 2 points, the team that comes second: 1 point. The rest gets no points at all.
  • 1 to 1 questions; you can include a round, where the teams have to answer questions against each other in a kind of knock-out race. With 16 teams you can continue like this until there is only one team left. The numbers 1, 2 and 3 then get points, the rest won't. You can use estimation questions for this. So the team that gives the best estimate of the two goes on to the next round. If you have more than 16 teams, say 18, then you can play some kind of preliminary round. From 16 onwards, in a knock-out system, you will automatically end up with 2 finalists. You can do this between teams or by a representative per team.

Variety in types of pub quiz questions is of course the most fun.

Pub quiz questions and answers

Music questions in the pub quiz

The music round is the round in which you can elevate the mood with your pub quiz questions. Try to play music fragments with each pub quiz question and if you add a few sing-alongs, the will definitely like it! You can easily add a fragment in a Powerpoint. Make sure the fragments are short (about half a minute). This is easy to do with all kinds of music editing programs. We use Audacity for this.

And as I said: fun quiz questions are always good. Include a few sing-alongs in your 10 questions.

With pub quiz questions about music you can choose to listen to a fragment and then:

  • ask the name of the performer and the title of the song
  • stop the fragment and let the teams finish the sentence
  • play 2 fragments run through each other

But you can also show only the lyrics of a song, or part of the lyrics. And then ask them who the performer is and the title of the song. Or mix up the lyrics of two songs, which always results in funny quiz questions.

And as a final tip: not everything has to be difficult. A few questions out of ten should just be very easy. But of course, there are also a few pub quiz questions that only a few people can guess. If the music is not that well-known, you can consider making it a multiple choice pub quiz question.

A pub quiz without music questions is unthinkable. Always hold the music round at a moment when you want to bring the energy back. So not at the beginning of the quiz, because then everyone is still focused, but somewhere halfway, for example.

Music quiz

Pub quiz - Images and videos

A beamer will help you to clearly communicate your pub quiz questions and answers to all the people present.  Some quiz nights easily attract a few hundred people. So it is important that your sound is good (microphone!) and that the players can see a screen on which they can read the question. Otherwise, you will constantly hear: 'I did not hear the question' and then you can literally repeat every question. That takes an awful lot of time and is a waste.

And a screen is of course handy if you are going to use pub quiz questions and answers in which images and videos can be seen. Visualisation makes a quiz just plain fun. There are lots of nice images and videos out there. Make sure that the images are compressed, so that your PowerPoint continues to work fast. Very large pictures (in MB's we mean) or movies can slow it down or in the worst case not work at all. And that causes great frustration for both you as a presenter and the players.

Pub quiz questions Images:

  • Pictures that you ask a question about: this river, what country is it in and how long is it?
  • Logo questions: which brand's logo do you see here?
  • Partially covered pictures: Who or what is shown on the part of the picture that is covered? Or what is missing on the photo ?
  • Zoomed pictures: what is this object? You zoom in so far that only part of the object can be seen.
  • 4 pictures; which of these pictures is the odd one out?

Videos in a Pub quiz

You can also do fun things with videos. If you want to integrate a Youtube movie in your pub quiz questions, you can do so in a few simple steps:

  • Go to the videos on Youtube.
  • Click on 'Share' below the video.
  • The link to the video will be displayed, and underneath it is the word 'Copy'. Click on it.
  • Go to your PowerPoint and paste the video into your pub quiz.

You can also choose to download a Youtube video and paste it into your pub quiz powerpoint. You can do this very easily with the website The advantage of this is that you do not need an internet connection when playing the pub quiz.

Great questions to ask about films include:

  • What is the name of this film?
  • name 2 actors who play in this film
  • Which of the following actors does not play in this film?
  • How does this fragment end? Especially in the field of sports, you can find very nice videos here. But there are also plenty of blooper films on the internet and they are always a success.
  • what sound do you hear? This is a listening question, in which you play a sound. The teams have to guess what they think they hear.
Questions about movies

Make pub quiz questions as quizmaster fun and exciting

A general knowledge quiz and trivia questions do not sound like a lot of fun and that is exactly what you want to achieve with your pub quiz. That is why there are a number of things you can do to make the pub quiz even more fun and to get the crowd going. The common thread is: surprise the people in the room.

  • Use jokers; it is fun if teams can use a joker during one round. Ask the teams to bring a mascot with them that evening. They can put it on the table for 1 round, so everyone can see that their team gets double points for each correct answer in that round of the pub quiz. 
  • Take away points: for pub quiz questions and answers you will normally earn 1 point per correct answer. But what if you could deduct 1 point from a team of your choice each round? That way you can slow down the good teams, which keeps the game exciting for longer. Besides that, it is fun to see how they react to each other and then take a point away from the other team in the next round.- Do not give all the answers to the pub quiz questions yourself, but when you go through the answers, involve the crowd. Ask individual players what their team answered there. It creates interactivity. 
  • Play a few intermediate questions between rounds. Everyone participates at the same time. The one who calls it out in the room first wins a point for his team.
  • Let the team that loses in a round choose the next round. They can then choose some kind of pub quiz questions, with which they think they can score more points. For example, if you have 20 rounds of pub quiz questions and answers, they can choose a total of 10. So there are also 10 rounds will not be played. Disadvantage of this is that you have to make 20 rounds and only use 10.

Also important in the best quiz ever:

  • Play nice music between rounds to keep the mood going.
  • Ask if they are ready for the next question.
  • Add some humour, for example include a funny photo from a previous party of the club, which still makes everyone laugh. Then say that the photo was inserted by accident.
  • Let the teams cheat on each other. For example, the team that finished at the bottom of the table in the previous round gets a 'sweet' / a 'bonus' or whatever you want to call it. With this they can see the answers, or part of the answers, of a team of their choice (first few questions).
  • Give a drawing assignment. Have the teams draw a logo themselves. As presenter, you give points to the 3 best drawings, the rest will get no points at all.

Excited to play some quiz questions? Check out our page with General Knowlegde pub quiz questions.

Pub quiz Questions 2020

If you are looking for Pub quiz Questions 2020, then you should definitely browse the archives of the newspaper. You can click here by month and then by day and you will get dozens of ideas, as all the news about that day is collected there.

If you want to make a total quiz with Pub quiz questions, first come up with 10 topics and then ask 10 questions about these topics. We will help you on your way. How about:

  • Sports (Which Formula 1 driver crashed on the Bahrain circuit on 29 November 2020? Romain Grosjean) Topography,
  • Events (festivals, concerts etc),
  • Television and Film (No Time to Die is the new James Bond film that was supposed to come out in 2020 but was postponed due to Corona.  Who sang the title song? Billie Eilish),
  • Famous people,
  • Domestic news, Foreign news,
  • Music (The South African song Jerusalema was a world hit in 2020 thanks to its catchy dance. It is super popular on TikTok. Do you know which South African DJ made this song? Master KG)
General Knowledge Pub Quiz 2020

Pub quiz questions only about 2020 in a Pub quiz is rather boring, but at least 1 round should be about the news of the past period. Our Pub quiz always contains at least 1 round about the past period, so these are Pub quiz questions about 2020.

Do you already want to test your 2020 knowledge? Check these Pub quiz questions 2020.

We hope you have a great fun Pub quiz

We hope that by now a lot of good ideas have entered your brain, which will help you to create a super-fun pub quiz with fun quiz questions. This way, your general knowledge quiz will not be boring, but a lot of fun.

And if, after reading this blog, your courage is getting the better of you, you can also make it easy for yourself. For only € 29,12 you can order our pub quiz. More info about our Pub quiz. A general knowledge quiz full of fun questions for your group. Completely ready to use and of course for a room of 100 people it costs absolutely nothing.

This will make your birthday party or your evening at the sports club a great success.

Pub quiz

Large group games and icebreaker activities, that will make your group smile

Organising large group games and activities seems more difficult than it is. After all, there is plenty to do. Whether you are with a large group indoors or outdoors, looking for a team-building activity or for fun games with a group of children.

What you need to keep in mind is to get everyone involved. Does the group already know each other? Or should you first do an icebreaker to introduce the group to each other? And also remember: when you have a large group, there are so many people, so many opinions.

Large group games

We have listed the best tips and ideas for you for large group games. This way, every event, workshop, children's party or teambuilding session will be a success. And finally, of course, we have taken covid into account. Which large group games are fun to play during the Corona lockdown?

Go straight to:

Icebreakers for large groups

How well does the group know each other that you need to organise? Is it a regular group of friends, or are you going to do a team-building exercise with fairly unknown people? You can organise a game for a large group, but if the people do not know each other, it will not benefit the cooperation. So make sure everyone gets to know each other and that the ice is broken a little. These activities are fun to do.

Alliteration name game: Funny Frank

Have a conversation with your neighbour. Tell them your name and what you are good at or like to do. If, for example, people often laugh at you and your name is Frank, imagine that you are called Funny Frank by the group. Decide together which name applies to you. In a joint discussion with your group, each of you tells each other what your name is and why. You will notice that it is much easier for people to remember each other's names. A nice icebreaker for large groups to start with.

Icebreaker group games

Introduce your neighbour by using his social profile

What can you find out about yourself on the Internet? How funny is it when the person sitting next to you introduces you in the group with things he finds on the internet and social media.

Everyone in the group gets ten minutes to look up things online about the person next to you online. After those ten minutes, everyone in the group tells you in two minutes who is sitting next to you. Make sure that you do not mention any unpleasant facts about that person.

Do we all know who we are? Then it really is time to start playing fun games for large groups. For your convenience, we have split them into outdoor and indoor activities for large groups.

Large group games for adults indoors

Murder game - Large group games

Are you with a large group and are you all up for something fun? Then play a murder game. Everyone takes up a different role. Through conversations with each other, each participant must try to solve the murder. The best way to do this is in a setting where everyone is dressed up and completely immersed in his or her role. But with Corona, that is a bit difficult. Of course, you can also play the game online via Zoom, with conversations taking place via Whatsapp or speak to each other in a breakout room.

>> Check out the murder game

Murder game

Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

This card game is one of the most fun large group games. If you are going on a weekend away with friends or a family trip, make sure this is in your suitcase.

Werewolves of Miller's Hollow is a game that takes place in a small village, which is haunted by werewolves at night. Each player in the group gets a card. In the simplest version of the game, you are either a citizen or a werewolf. It is up to the citizens to discover who the two werewolves in the game are. The game master will tell you when night falls.

Everyone closes their eyes and goes to sleep. Two people in the game are werewolves and are asked to open their eyes. Together, they point out someone who has been killed at dawn. All the villagers are asked who they suspect of being a werewolf. One person is selected and is out of the game. Who is left? The werewolves or the villagers?

Large group games Werelwolves of Miller's Hollow

A super fun game, which can be played with a minimum of 8 players. Even children often find this an exciting and hilarious game for large groups. You can buy the Werewolves of Miller's Hollow at Amazon.

'Have you ever ....' - Large group games

This is a fun team building activity that helps you get to know each other better. Make a circle with hoops. Place one of the hoops in the middle of the circle. If you do not want to stand too close to each other, make sure there is enough space between them.

Everyone can stand in a hoop. The person in the middle says: 'Have you ever ....' And then says an activity that he does himself. For example Have you ever ridden a horse? The people who have ever done it get out of their hoop and stand in another hoop. The questioner's hoop is also empty, so try to go there as quickly as possible. Then, of course, you may ask the next question. This way, it is someone else's turn every time. Try to be as original as possible when asking questions, that makes this game for large groups all the more funny.

  1. Have you ever ridden a horse?
  2. Or ridden a motorcycle?
  3. Have you ever been robbed?
  4. Or ever gotten a horrible haircut?
  5. Have you ever met anyone famous?
  6. Or maybe skipped classes?

Jenga with questions

Do you know the game Jenga? You must have played it at some point. Children love it. But also for a large group of adults it is a super fun game to play. But then in a modified way.

Make sure there is a question on all the Jenga blocks. You can stick the questions on them.  Or you can work with colour codes, for example, that refer to different question cards. Each player in the group must take turns to remove a jenga block from the tower. Did you do this correctly? Then you are not finished yet! Because it is up to you to read the question aloud to the group and to answer it. If you are playing this game with a large group of friends, you can of course put very funny questions on it. A bit like truth or dear. If you are playing this game as a teambuilding exercise with a large group, keep the questions more businesslike.

  • Describe a time shen you felt really excited recently.
  • What was a challenge you faced this week?
  • Who made you feel good this week?

Large group games for adults outdoors

This is a fun game for an outdoor teambuilding or family weekend. A real game for large groups, which is all about trusting each other. It works as follows:

You need a number of objects, which can serve as mines. These can be pawns. If you don't have these, you can also use cups, bags, jackets, etc. You have to make a field in which all these 'mines' are placed. The game is then played with two people, one of which gets blindfolded. You both stand on one side of the field. The aim is that the person who can see guides the other person through the minefield by giving instructions. If the blindfolded person stands on a mine, you have to start all over again. The couple that crosses the minefield the quickest wins.

As quickly as possible in a row

Create two teams to compete against each other. The size of the teams does not matter, as long as they are the same size. The aim of this game is to line up as quickly as possible, but the teams must not talk to each other. The leader of the game gives orders to the teams. For example: put the team in the right order and start with the youngest person. The team that finishes first without talking wins a point. The next assignment is, for example: Put the persons in one line, with the first name of the first person in the alphabet. (You can also do this with surnames and house numbers).

Slide puzzle game with people

You probably remember this game for large groups from when you were little. Those sliding puzzle games, where you have to move a slide each time to complete a picture. This game works the same way, only with real people.

Draw a rectangle on the floor and divide it into squares. The number of squares is equal to your size plus 1. You give each square a number, for example by putting a paper in it.  Each person stands in a random square. Then give everyone a piece of paper with a number. These numbers are distributed randomly, so your number probably does not match the compartment you are in. There is always one empty square to which you can move a person. You can only move forwards, backwards, left or right. So not diagonally. For this game it is very important that you work together.

Large group games slide puzzle

Sometimes it is easier if, for example, a person in the group gives directions from outside the square. This is one of the most difficult large group games, because people are easily distracted if they can't solve it.

Large group games for kids

Escape room for kids 

One of the most fun games to do is escape rooms. Our children also love them. Therefore, we have created a great escape room for children, which you can play at any location. At home, in the classroom or at a party. This escape room can also be played with a large group of children. We see that it is often played in classes, whereby the class is divided into smaller groups. The materials for the Escape Room can be printed several times. Or you can put it down after each group. Which team from your class will escape first?

>>Check out the Escape room for kids at home

Escape room for kids

Caught at home? Escape Room For Kids! 

Would you like to play a ready-made Escape Room for children at home?
Cool for at home, when you have a birthday party or at school. It can be played at any location, even outside.

The most populair Play Among us in real life

If you play this game with a large group of children, it is guaranteed to be a success. Among us, is one of the most popular online games among young people today. But what is it like when you play Among Us in real life?

What is Among Us and how do you play it in real life with a group of children?

You fight with a whole group of crewmates of a spaceship against one or more imposters. It is up to the imposters to 'kill' as many crew members as possible. They will win if the number of crewmates remaining is the same. The crewmates must discover in time who the imposters are. If they eliminate them in time, they will win.

Who is the imposter?

If you are with a group of ten children, you might have one or two imposters. Then make cards with 8 crewmates and 2 imposters. Put them in envelopes, so that nobody sees what is written on them. Everyone in the group chooses a card. Then you can walk around the house (preferably in the dark). An imposter has to tap a crewmate on the shoulder without being seen. This crewmate is then dead and has to lie on the floor. You are not allowed to say anything to the others and you have to lie still. When the crewmate is found, another crewmate shouts loudly that a dead body has been found and that a vote has to be taken. Everyone comes together.

There is a 1 minute discussion about who the possible imposters are. Then we count down from 3. Everyone points to the person he suspects. The player with the most votes reveals whether he is an imposter or a crewmate. If it is a crewmate, that player is out of the game. If there is no majority, has to leave the game. Everyone then goes back into the house and the game continues. If all imposters are voted out, the game stops and the crewmates have won. If there are as many imposters as crewmates left, then the imposters win.

In the real Among Us game, tasks have also been added. For the sake of convenience, we will leave these out for now so that you can get the hang of it first. If you have played the game more often, you might want to add these.

Large group games during Corona

Unfortunately, at present we live in a time when it is not very easy to play games in large groups. Due to the Corona virus, we unfortunately have limited contact with each other. But fortunately there are great group games to play online.

Online pub quiz with a large group

We often get the question: what is a fun game to play online with a large group in lockdown? There is always a game that is guaranteed to be a success. The online pub quiz. At Playgroupgame we have a ready-made pub quiz with 10x10 questions that you can play with a large group of colleagues, friends or family. How does it work?

You are all online via Zoom or Microsoft teams. One person shares the screen with the pub quiz. Everyone can participate individually, or as a team. For each round, you pass your answers to the game moderator. No cheating on google, right?

>> Check out the online Pub Quiz 


Play Charade online

Charade is a game for a large group that you can of course easily play online via Zoom. Divide your group into two teams. Each player can choose a charade from the idea generator and perform it. You have 1 minute. Which team will win?

We hope we have inspired you. Good luck with organising one of the large group games!

Christmas family games; 12 top ideas to make your Christmas unforgettable

Christmas family dice games

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Lights on in the tree, warm chocolate with whipped cream on the table and the delicious songs of Michael Bublé in the background. Do you also like Christmas that much? It's one of the nicest, cosiest times of the year. Although this year the holidays will have to be celebrated with a little less people. That shouldn't spoil the fun, of course. Because, put some fun Christmas family games on the program and it will be just as Christmas as usual.

Looking for inspiration for fun Christmas family games? We have listed our favorites for you.

Christmas family games

Online Christmas Family Games: Pubquiz

It really is the time of year to be with your family. The pubquiz is a game that can be played by (almost) anyone. Young and old play along. With a cozy music round. Nice swinging and singing along with this quiz. If you are going to celebrate Christmas with a group of colleagues, this pub quiz might be something for you. Ten rounds with ten questions, including a music round. You can play it online via Zoom or Micorsoft Teams with each other.

>>Check out the Pubquiz

Online Christmas family game

Christmas dice game

If you are celebrating Christmas with a group of friends, then this game is a must: The Christmas dice game. It is a super fun and short Christmas game with presents. How does the Christmas dice game work?

Everyone in the group buys three small Christmas presents in advance. You agree on a fixed amount with each other. And what makes it extra funny is to do, for example, two nice gifts that everyone wants and one crazy Christmas gift as the third. Everyone has to wrap the Christmas presents so that you don't see what they are. All the wrapped presents are placed on the table and then you can play the Christmas dice game.

What else do you need for the Christmas dice game?

  • dice
  • stopwatch (on a mobile phone) or an alarm clock
  • The explanation of the Christmas dice game per round. For your convenience, we have put these below.
  • Have fun playing this fun Christmas game!
Christmas dice game 1
Christmas dice game

Would you like to receive this Christmas dice game for free?

One favorite among the Christmas family games: The charade game

This game is on our program every year. The Charade family game. Probably you've played it before. Everybody puts known persons, animals or figures, that the whole group knows, on a few notes. All the notes go in one big box and then you play in teams, in pairs or triplets, against each other. The game consists of three rounds, in which each team has 30 seconds to guess the person on the note. If your team member guesses who is on the note, you can keep it and get a point for it. If the 30 seconds are up, the next team is allowed to guess. This way you go around until all the notes are gone.

How does the Charade game work?

  • Round 1
    Consists of explaining in words who or what is on the note. You are not allowed to mention the name of the person on the note. After round 1 all the notes go back into the bin and then round 2 starts.
  • Round 2
    In this round you are not allowed to talk, but may only portray. Because you already know from round 1 who is in the bin, this is easy to do. After round 2 the papers go back into the bin and start round 3.
  • Round 3
    In this round you may only say 1 word. Of course not the name of the person. The team that picked up the most notes in total after three rounds has won. 

A great and hilarious Christmas family game, that you can also play online at Christmas time. Make sure that one person is always the one who portrays or tells. And the one who has to guess is always on the other side of the computer.

Christmas scavenger hunt

This game is a kind of scavenger hunt where you have to collect stuff. A scavenger hunt is actually much easier and more active than a treasure hunt. You will have to find and collect a lot of things that you have been given on a list. To prove that you've seen the things you can have the stuff taken with you. But... now that you have cameras on your mobile phone, you can also allow evidence this way. You divide the group into groups and all you need is a playing card, a mobile phone and a pencil.

To make it easy, we have already made a free Christmas scavenger hunt for you. 

>>Free download Christmas scavenger hunt

Christmas scavenger hunt

Christmas treasure hunt

Whether it's snowing or not at Christmas, it's good to go outside during the holidays. Just take off all the Christmas pounds. Do you have children? Then put out a nice scavenger hunt in advance. This really doesn't have to be difficult. It can be with old-fashioned arrows on the ground, or for example with fun questions about Christmas, you can see hanging at certain points. If they choose the right multiple choice answer, they know whether to go left, right or straight.

Christmas family games: Cool and stupid

A nice variation on the note game is 'Cool and stupid'. Everyone in the group writes down 3 things he or she thinks are very cool. And you guessed it, also 3 notes with things you think are really stupid. (Make sure your handwriting is not recognized) After that the notes go in a large container. Take turns pulling a bill out of the box. You have to guess who the note belongs to. If you guess correctly, you can keep the note and you have a point and grab another note. If you're wrong, it's your next turn. If you draw your own card, you are in luck. Tell the rest what you think is stupid or cool. One of the funniest Christmas family games, where you get to know your friends or family very well.

Christmas family game puzzle

Christmas puzzle

It sounds a bit old-fashioned, but we can certainly enjoy a big Christmas puzzle at home. Preferably with a lot of puzzle pieces. Every time you walk by, you will automatically solve one piece of the puzzle. Nice to do with your children. Put the puzzle on a large plate that you put on the table. This way you can move it once in a while when you get eaters.

One of the funniest Christmas family games: Who or what am I?

I used to play this game often in the lost hours with some colleagues. You put a post it on your forehead, with a known person (written by someone else) on it. By asking questions you have to find out who or what you are. The colleague who first guessed his ticket wins.

Nowadays you don't have to deal with post-its anymore. There are several apps on the market where you can keep your phone in front of your forehead. They are also called Charade games. From the talk show of Ellen de Generes they often play Heads up! Where you can choose from 75 categories of people.

Can't you sit together at Christmas? Then this is one of the fun and simple Christmas games to play online. Find each other in a Zoom meeting and download the games to your phone. Success and lots of fun guaranteed.

Escape in your own home

Are you celebrating Christmas with your own family at home this year? And are you a fan of Escape Rooms yourself? Then make your own escape room in your own home. At Playgroupgame we have a great ecape room for kids up to 13 years old. How does it work? You receive the documents digitally. With the help of the supplied script you will prepare the rooms. To do this you have to cut, paste and hang things in your own house or location. Bring your phone with you when you play the game, because in an interactive way you get tips or you have to go through codes. One of the super coolest Christmas family games. Can you and your family escape?

>> Check out the children's escape room

Escape room for kids

Christmas family game for children

Maybe you know it from a fun game with a children's party. bite cookies on a rope. But at Christmas it has to stay a bit in the Christmas spirit. So instead of making cookies, make Christmas wreaths on a rope. Put on a blindfold and bite. Your children will love this kind of Christmas family games in between. Super fun and delicious!

Are you telling the truth?

How well can you lie? This is a fun Christmas game for adults to play. Fun with a group of friends. How does it work? Sit together. In turns someone tells three statements about himself. Try to keep your face in a poker face as much as possible. Of the three statements, two are true, but one is a lie. The intention is of course to guess what the lie is. Every player who mentions an 'honest answer' as a statement will give you a point.

Top 3 Christmas family board games

Of course, a cool board game should not be missed at Christmas time. What we find the best Christmas board games? These are in our top three:

Tiny towns

A challenging and strategic game, which is not too complex to play. The trick is to use your raw materials in a smart way to make buildings for your city. How do you get the most points, but also make sure you don't get stuck? To play from 10 years and up to six players. An ideal board game at Christmas time.

Christmas family board games


A fun and fast family dice game which is quick and easy to play. You have to take turns rolling the dice, but every roll is interesting for every player. Because everyone can tick something on their own scoreboard. So you don't have to wait for each other like with Yahtzee. The dice game can be played from the age of 8. So an ideal Christmas game (and present) for children.


It may not be more appropriate in this period. The board game Pandemic is an ideal game to play with the holidays. You can only win by working together and fighting four viruses in a team. What a Christmas spirit! The game is quite strategic, but can be played from the age of 10.

We wish you Happy Games Days!

After all these months we yearn for coziness. That's what Christmas is for! We hope we have given you enough inspiration for some fun Christmas family games. We wish you a Merry Christmas!