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Easter Eggs in the house? Then you can play these 10 fun games

When we talk about Easter games, number one is, of course, Easter egg hunts! Children can start talking about it as early as January. "When can we search in the garden again?" This year, we can once again celebrate Easter with family and friends. These ten Easter games are sure to keep you entertained

Free Easter game

Playgroupgame has a nice free gift for you. We have created a free game for Easter. Find Easter eggs but in a surprisingly fun game. Curious? Request it for free.

These are the 12 most fun Easter games (with Easter eggs)

Easter egg hunt with a treasure map

A variation on one of the best-known Easter games, but just as fun, is the Easter egg search using a treasure map. Go to the park or forest and make a map. Put recognisable trees, ponds, bushes, etc. on your map. Then draw the places where you will hide the Easter eggs. Make sure you do this only at the last minute, otherwise all the kids in the neighbourhood will have already eaten the chocolate.

The strongest Easter egg

This is one of the Easter games we used to play when we were children. It involves both of you holding a hard-boiled egg. Then tap against each other's egg. The Easter egg that breaks first loses. Two tips from us who are experts on this Easter game: Make sure you hold your Easter egg firmly and let the other one tap it. And make sure you use the pointed side of the Easter egg. That one is firmer. You are guaranteed to win.

Free easter eggs hunt game

Egg course

Smearing eggs is always fun for children. So, of all the Easter games for kids we mention here, you must really do this outdoors. Create a course in your garden or in the park. Put up pawns, for example. Then go in teams of two to run the course as fast as you can. But we have made it a bit more difficult. Walk together by clenching an egg between your two heads

Memory with Easter eggs

An Easter memory game, but with sounds. How does it work? Take an empty egg box of 10 eggs. Use plastic eggs for each empty box. For example, we used the empty egg boxes from the chocolate surprise eggs. (Requires some saving beforehand, though). Now fill both eggs with materials. For example with macaroni, hair clippings, rice, stones, etc. Take turns shaking two eggs. You get the idea, two of the same sounds belong together. If you have two of the same, you get to keep the eggs. An extra challenge in this Easter game is to guess at the end what is inside the eggs.

Easter eggs games

Game for Easter 'Who am I?'

'Who am I' is a game that is always a hit with children. And where they can release their energy. One of the most played Easter games in schools. It works as follows: Make sure you have cards with all kinds of topics from the Easter theme. For example: Easter bunny, Easter egg, lamb, bunnies, chocolate, chicken etc. Attach these cards to children's backs or stick them on their foreheads. Now the idea is for the children to walk through each other. Each time children bump into each other, they ask a question about their topic, with the other person only allowed to answer yes or no. If you guessed your answer, you may ask for a new card and you get one point. The one with the most points wins the game and may get to eat the biggest Easter egg.

Scavenger hunt with questions about Easter

Of course, a scavenger hunt is always great to do. But now you can make it all in the Easter theme. A super Easter activity: Great outdoors, lots of exercise and the children can learn something from it. Make an Easter treasure hunt, putting up an A4 sheet at each intersection with multiple choice questions. Answer A is left, answer b is right and answer C is straight ahead.

A fun question, for example, is: On which day does Easter fall?
Answer A: On the first Sunday in April
Answer B: On the day the Easter Bunny brings the eggs
Answer C: On the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring

If your children are older, give them a mobile phone, for example, to look up the answers. There are numerous sites with questions about Easter.

More inspiration to create a fun scavenger hunt can be found in our blog “The 22 most fun scavenger hunt ideas”

By the way, the right answer was of course answer C. So you can walk straight ahead!

Easter bingo

"An Easter bunny, an Easter egg, a rabbit ...I need one more square and... Bingo!!!" Bingo is always fun for children. If you want to play Easter Bingo, there are many ready-made free printables with Easter bingo. For example, check out Pinterest. A fun addition if you spend an afternoon playing all kinds of Easter games.

One of the simplest Easter games: the missing Easter egg

It doesn't always have to be so difficult. Boil about ten or twenty eggs. Let the children paint them nicely. That alone is a treat for them. When all the eggs are ready, put them on the table. The children should study carefully what is there. Then one of the children leaves the room. The others point to an egg that they take away. The one who was out of the room may now come back and guess which egg is gone.

Marble hole game with Easter eggs

We used to love playing marbles. Whether it was with real marbles or eggs. Yes, yes, it is also great to play marbles with Easter eggs. Go outside with your children and make a small hole in the garden or somewhere in a lawn. Each player has three Easter eggs, each with its own colour. Take turns throwing one from behind the line towards the hole. The one furthest away is the first to tap the egg that is lying on the ground, again. If you are the first to get your three coloured Easter eggs in the hole, you have won. And with Easter games, the best part is usually the reward: you get to eat your own Easter eggs!

Spoon Easter egg race

Another tradition among Easter games: a real egg race with eggs on a spoon. Do a relay race with teams, each time carrying an egg on a spoon. Are you fast, yet careful? You can of course play this fun Easter game with chocolate eggs, or with real raw eggs. Of course, that makes it even more spectacular when they fall!

Throwing Easter eggs

You make pairs and each pair gets a (painted) chicken egg. One of the two players is going to throw the egg to the other. The other player has to catch the Easter egg and the egg must not break. The team that can throw the greatest distance without the egg breaking wins the game. You will understand that you will need a few boxes of eggs for this, because not all eggs will survive.

Painting Easter eggs

Fancy being creative for Easter? Then buy some paint and start painting Easter eggs together. Of course, you can let everyone decide for themselves what they paint on the Easter eggs, but it might be even more fun to make it a competition.

Everyone gets the task of painting someone from the family. You make tickets with all the family members' names on them and everyone then gets to take one lottery ticket. No one gets to say which name is on the ticket and then has to paint the face of this family member on the Easter egg. Then everyone must guess whothey have painted. We know from experience that this will be very funny. And when the game is finished, you of course put all the Easter eggs next to each other and take a family photo of them.

Easter activities for adults

Looking for Easter activities for adults?

We often get asked what is fun to do as an Easter game for adults. Often, you are together with a large group of people and looking for something fun to do in between eating Easter eggs. But what? 

We have selected 2 games that are great fun for Easter. A Music Bingo and an Escape Room.

The Music Bingo is a guarantee for lots of fun. For about 1.5 hours, you play bingo with music clips. Of course, we have selected 75 very entertaining and well-known music tracks, so you can be sure that everyone will automatically start singing along. 100% guaranteed fun! 

Music Bingo

We have an Escape room for children (the Pharaoh’s Treasure) and an Escape room for adults (the Mafia gang), but which can also be played by adults together with the children (from the age of 10). An Escape room you can play at any location. 100 minutes of fun, full of interactive riddles. Surprising and super fun!

More ideas for Easter games?

Did you get enough inspiration for Easter games during the holidays? Have you come up with any fun activities of your own? We are always very curious about fun ideas. So if you know of any Easter activities of your own that we really should mention in this blog, please leave it in the comments below. Happy Easter!

Make your own Clue play script and surprise your friends

A real-life Clue game is one of the coolest games you can play with a group. Having a nice time together, yet exciting. And, of course, you can totally indulge in the themes and characters. Are you planning to make your own clue play script? If so, we will tell you our ins and out, getting you started with the clue play script, the game rules and the factors that make it a success. It will probably take some time, but with this roadmap you can make your own clue play script.

Clue play script

Creating a clue play script

Come up with the theme for your game in advance.

Start thinking beforehand what the theme of your game will be. Immerse yourself in the target group and atmosphere of your group. Are you playing it with children, teenagers or adults? And what connects the group to each other? Do you know each other from playing sports, are you related, or is it a company outing? Depending on this, you can come up with your theme for the clue play script. For example, the murder was committed during the family party, or during an out-of-control staff party, etc. Once you have established the theme, you will find it easier to come up with characters, attributes and situations you can use.

Murder game

Don't fancy making your own Cluedo play script?

Then order our ready-made murder game.

Characters of your clue play script

One of the most important things during the real-life clue game are the characters. Make sure you come up with at least 6 characters in the game. More is allowed, less we wouldn't recommend. In this detective game, you need several suspects and witnesses, otherwise everyone will guess straight away who it is. And go wild when thinking of the characters! It’s great to invent these characters. 
Look for extremes. For example

  • The charming but slightly too pushy doctor, who after having one drink too many has to be careful not to face #metoo charges.
  • The rich madam, who 9 times out of 10 is very grumpy and thinks everyone is beneath her, except the handsome muscular handyman. She will do anything for him.
  • The computer nerd, who is very quiet and has no contact with anyone. But secretly knows everything through his computer hacks and secret cameras. Which he can ideally use to extort people
  • The black sheep of the family. Never has any money, is addicted to gambling, always thinks he can make good deals, but instead falls for everything. Because of his debts, nothing will stand in his way of getting money from anywhere.
  • The handsome granddaughter. Everyone has their eyes on her when she enters somewhere. Or is it because of her slightly too low cleavage? She acts and looks very naive, but is she really?
  • The muscular handyman is a real hottie. But he never really went to school. This goody-goody is therefore easy to pull someone's leg

We could go on like this for a while. Use your imagination. And exaggerate. For all the characters, write down what they are like, what they look like and what their good and bad sides are and what their relationships are with other people. This is how your clue play script becomes brilliant.

characters clue play script
rich madam character

Devise the murder scene and start 'writing the story backwards'

We always find it easier to think of what happened and then think of how the story preceded it. Say, for example, that the computer nerd (suspect) committed the murder, using the kitchen knife (weapon) because he could not bear the fact that the doctor (murdered person) was bothering his precious darling(motive). At the same time, think about what the suspects' alibis might be.

Then go on to describe what happened in the situations beforehand. This creates a nice clue play script.

Divide the clue play script in scenes

It’s great to work in scenes. For example, if the murder takes place during a family party, start describing the situation in time slots. A few things are important here:

  • Get it right in terms of history and time
  • Let situations in your clue play script between witnesses and suspects often take place in groups of three. For example, two people had a conversation, argument or intimate moment with each other and number three saw or heard this.
  • Devise answers that the witnesses can tell later, without immediately giving away the whole plot. In other words, make it a bit mysterious. It is nice when someone seems very suspicious, but later turns out to have a good alibi.

Game guidance for the clue play script

For the clue play script, it is important to consider carefully in advance how the game will go in terms of storyline and time. If you are with a group, make sure a game master tells about the murder at the start. The game master can, for example, be a detective who is also part of the game. He tells the basic information of the murder. Next comes a round in which the interrogations can take place. Make a playbook for yourself in the clue play script, in which you roughly classify these time periods and scenes.

Autopsy report

Part of the clue play script can be, that halfway through the game, a clue is data given by the detective. For example, consider sharing an autopsy report, which contains further information about the possible murder weapon. "Murdered person was stabbed by a pointed object, which was the cause of death. Traces of poison were also found in the body, but it did not kill him/her. Victim had traces of denim under his/her nails. Time of death is 11:34pm.”

By building such a moment into your clue play script, you have the whole group together for a while. In other words, a natural moment of rest. Everyone gets the same information at that moment, which is crucial in the game.

Testing your Cluedo game

Once you have written out the story for yourself, create the documents that the people in your group are given. Some people in the group are assigned roles. They will receive a description by email, containing all the elements. In addition, they are told what to say in certain situations. For example: " When you are asked if <situation>, say <answer>.”

To see if everything is correct, it is good to test your clue play script with a different group than the one you are going to play it with. Only then can you see if there are gaps in your game.

Tips to make your clue play script even more fun

Super cool that you have now created your own clue play script. Congratulations! Just the fun of making it beforehand is great, right?

We have a few more tips to make it even more fun:

  • Maybe you would already suspect this, but ask the suspects to properly empathise with their roles. Get them dressed up and let them play their roles as actors.
  • Don't let it become chaos, that people have to queue up to interview a suspect. Solution: Work in teams, or make an agreement with the detectives that they can ask a maximum of three questions.
  • Elaborate on the theme. For example, if a murder has been committed at the sports club, have all the players come in wearing sportswear. Or make a spotify music list that ties in with your theme.
  • Do you find it difficult to write the characters? Then you can also think in external features of persons from the 'Who is the game'. The suspect has white hair, glasses and earrings. In this way, you can incorporate DNA traces into your game. For example: A white hair was found at the crime scene
  • To make it all come alive even more, you can create a Cluedo card for each character. Think of it as a kind of passport, on which detectives can quickly see a suspect's details.
  • Make the place where you play the game look like a real murder scene. For example, by putting a doll under a bloody sheet
making a clue play scipt

How do I make my own clue play script?

No idea how to come up with the clue play script? Fair is fair, it take quite a bit of time to make a real-life clue game. We know that from our own experience. Don't fancy making it yourself, but want to play live clue play?

Then check out our ready-made murder game.
Murder game

Finally: make sure you have an alibi...

Lots of writing and playing fun. And as a well-known crime reporter once said, "Make sure you are ready, then you will always have an alibi.”