Baby shower games – 18 most entertaining games in a row

Are you about to have a baby shower? Then of course baby shower games may not be missing. It will certainly provide extra laughter and fun for your friends, sisters (in law), colleagues and mothers (in law). Play the various baby shower games briefly in between all the fun. And the mum to be, regardless of whether she likes games, will have an unforgettable baby shower.

We have listed all the baby shower games for you.

This game is similar to the famous 30 seconds game. But you guessed it, then with all kinds of words to do with being pregnant, giving birth and the first weeks of being a new mom.

The game is played in teams against each other. Where someone has to describe as many of these baby shower words as possible in 30 seconds. You will earn a point for each word that you will guess correctly. Which team can guess the most words correctly?

You can make this game yourself in advance, by putting the words on notes. As game fans, we have also prepared it all for you. For example, you get a short game explanation and you can easily print and cut out the cards. In total, there are 150 words to guess!

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Gender reveal game

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The diaper-smelling game

Get used to it, soon you will have nappies full of smelly baby poo. To get into the swing of things, this is a super funny baby shower game to play. Very simple, smear nice smelling or just stinky products on different nappies. The mum-to-be has to sniff all the nappies to guess what's in them. What works well? Think about peanut butter, mothercare products, onions, stinky cheese, etc.

diaper-smelling game

The baby shower bingo

You don't play this bingo with numbers to be drawn, but rather with typical words associated with a baby shower. Everyone has a bingo card in front of them while you are just chatting. If a word is said, you get to mark it off on your card. The person who has a full card first wins.

Babyshower bingo
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Baby shower game: measuring the baby bump

Who can best estimate the circumference of the baby bump in centimetres? Grab a ball of wool and scissors. Everyone gets to cut a piece of string of how big you think the circumference of the baby bump is. Then grab a tape measure and measure it. A simple baby shower game to do in between, but also great fun to know how big that belly actually is.

Baby photo guessing

Ask everyone coming to the baby shower to send a baby photo of themselves. Print these out and line them up. Will the mum-to-be know who it is on the photo?

Baby shower game to save

How fun is it to predict in advance what the baby will be and what it will be called. Have your baby shower guests fill this out in advance, along with a nice wish for the baby. Print out all the documents and you have a great baby keepsake book for later.

Babyshower prections

Blindfolded baby snacks tasting

Ai, this is not the tastiest part of the baby shower. But it is a super fun baby shower game to do. Buy different baby snacks and let the mother-to-be taste them while blindfolded. Can she figure out the right flavours? Handy, because that way you know beforehand what a tasty flavour will be for your baby!

Friday afternoon drinks in a baby bottle

For all mothers-to-be who do like a glass of wine, Friday afternoon drinks will be a favourite time. Too bad, because that is just not what is allowed while pregnant. As a joke, fill a baby bottle with a variety of delicious non-alcoholic drinks. Does she know which flavours she tastes?

Hilarious baby shower game: pregnant nail-pooping

Who knows this game? Nail pooping. You must have done this many times as a child at a children's party. This is the funny version of it. Everyone has to put a pillow or balloon under their jumper. You tie a rope around it, with a nail on a string at the back end.

Who will be the first "pregnant" person to get the nail in the bottle? This baby shower game is guaranteed to make everyone smile.

The baby names alphabet

The aim of this baby shower game is to come up with a cute name out of all the letters of the alphabet. Play it in teams against each other. Who will finish first and who has come up with the cutest names? Who knows, you might even find inspiration as a mum-to-be for a fun name.

Babyshower alphabet

Karaoke with children's songs

Find a nice list of children's songs on Spotify or YouTube, for example. Do you know all the children's songs? Or do you need to practice them a bit more? It is also fun, for example, to suddenly stop the music, leaving the pregnant woman to finish the song.

Baby stuff guess

Let's see how well the mummy-to-be already knows all the baby stuff? A funny baby shower game to play quickly in between. Blindfold the pregnant woman and take turns giving her an attribute related to being pregnant or giving birth and having children. Think dummy, baby bottle, nappy, belly button etc.

Baby shower quiz

We love quizzes! Do you? Then play this special baby shower quiz. How much do you know about all the things related to being pregnant and having children? It seems simple, but we found the questions of this baby shower game quite tricky.

>>Play the baby shower quiz here

Baby shower quiz

Baby shower game: How expensive is a baby?

The answer is simple: very expensive. But... you get so much in return! In this baby shower game, the pregnant person is going to guess how expensive something is. Make sure you know the prices of some products. Show these items and let the pregnant person estimate how much it costs. Oops, she will sometimes be quite shocked by the prices.

Creative baby shower games

If you like to get a bit more creative at a baby shower, we have some great ideas for you here.

Decorating nappies 

That you will soon need a lot of nappies is a fact. But how nice is it when you see a beautiful creation, with a nice wish on the nappy? Get to work with fabric markers and let your visitors decorate the outside of the nappy and put a personalised text with the sender's name on it.

Baby Pictionary

Do you love drawing? Then this baby shower game is fun for you to do. Again, you divide the group into teams. Make as many drawings as possible in 30 seconds within the group, with the rest of the group having to guess what it is. For each item guessed, your team will get a point. This game makes good use of the cards from the 9 months game.

Drawing on a bib

You can't have enough bibs. Spitting and first bites, it all ends up on the bibs. That is why it is fun to colour bibs together with your visitors. Or make a bib with a nice saying for your baby. For example, buy some bibs without printing at the shop. Use waterproof fabric markers, so that when you wash them, only the baby spit comes out and not your beautiful creation.

Dyeing baby bodysuits

You can do the same idea as above with baby bodysuits. You will see the baby bodysuits every day. How nice is it to see the creation of your baby shower guests later on?

Baby shower game package

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You get three free printables with the:

  • Babyshower Bingo
  • Babyshower alphabet
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Had enough fun baby shower ideas?

In all these 18 baby shower games, there is bound to be a fun idea you can do with your group. We wish you all the best for you, your family and the baby-to-be!

    Richard en Marjolein