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24 game, The best game for learning mental arithmetic

Do you know what the 24 game is? It's a simple arithmetic game with four numbers on it. At school it is one of the most fun ways to learn mental arithmetic properly with the 24 game.

How does the 24 game work?

  • There are 4 numbers on each card.
  • You have to use each number once.
  • The result of the calculation is always 24.
  • You can add, subtract, divide and multiply.

An example:
The card with a 1, 4, 5, and 5. How do you make the outcome of this 24? For example, this can be done in the following way:

24 game 1

4 x 5 = 20
20 + 5 = 25
25 – 1 = 24.

You have now used all the numbers once and you have chosen to use x, + and –. 

We have made the maps for you for various difficulty levels. A card with 1 dot is easy and a card with three dots is the most difficult. In our free e-book, see below, we have provided one answer per 24 tickets. There are often several possible answers. But that way you always have a solution. Wishing you lots of arithmetic and puzzle fun.

One star 24 game cards

24 game 1

Sum 1

24 game 2

Sum 2

24 game 3

Sum 3

24 game 4

Sum 4

24 game 5

Sum 5

24 game 6

Sum 6

24 game 7

Sum 7

24 game 8

Sum 8

Sum 9

Two star 24 game cards

In the block below you see the 24 game cards that are already slightly more difficult. But still manageable? Can you end up with twenty-four?

24 game 10

Sum 1

24 game 11

Sum 2

24 game 12

Sum 3

24 game 13

Sum 4

24 game 14

Sum 5

24 game 15

Sum 6

Escape Room at home - The Pharaoh’s Treasure

Love math and riddles?

Do your kids love riddles and math? They probably will also like Escape Rooms.

Our Escape Rooms can be played in your own environment. Whether at home, in the classroom or at school camp . Everything is possible.

The Escape Rooms are interactive, can be played with large groups, for children aged 9 - 13 years. And most importantly: You are guaranteed to have a lot of fun

Escape room for kids
24 game 16

Sum 7

24 game 17

Sum 8

24 game 18

Sum 9

Difficulty level three

Are the children a bit more developed in mental arithmetic? Then you can go a step further in terms of thedifficulty of these calculations. Below you will find the 24 game cards with level 3.

Game 24 20

Sum 1

Game 24 21

Sum 2

Game 24 22

Sum 3

Game 24 23

Sum 4

Game 24 24

Sum 5

Game 24 25

Sum 6

Escape room home game

If you absolutely love riddles and quizzes, then you should definitely have played our Escape Room and our Pub Quiz with your group.

You play the Escape room at your own location. Take a few hours to prepare it and then surprise your group with this fun and interactive Escape Room.

The Pub Quiz is definitely worth a try. Together with your team you try to beat the other teams in this quiz that is really about anything and everything. And of course it also includes a music round.

Pub quiz
Game 24 26

Sum 7

Game 24 27

Sum 8

Game 24 28

Sum 9

Playing the 24 game in the classroom

The 24 game is ideal to use in your classroom. The children learn good mental arithmetic in a playful way. We have made the example cards according to a level of difficulty. A card with 1 dot is easy and a card with three dots is the most difficult. We also often made these cards with the two-digit game 24. So something for every arithmetic level in the class.

A competition with the 24 game

Are the children in the class already proficient in the 24 game? Then make it a competition.

  • Print out the tickets. Whoever sees the answer first in class gets the card.
  • For example, play two against two in class. Put the card on your Digi-board. The team that sees the solution first presses a (home-made) button and may give the answer.

Answer 24 game

We always give you the answers to all our riddles, brain teasers and rebus pages. In the 24 game there are often several possibilities to end up with twenty-four. In our e-book we have included a solution for you for each '24 game sum'. Are you not into a 24 game card? Then you always have the opportunity to find a solution

24 game E-book

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