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Are you planning a weekend or holiday with friends or family? Do you want to organize a pleasant evening with your team? Are you looking for ideas for the most exiting birthday party for your child? We have some perfect group games for you to make it a moment they will never forget.

Couple of hours of fun - ready-to-play and very cheap games - very little to none preparation time needed, that's nice isn't it? - made for small groups and large groups - and important, after ordering you'll receive the game in your email box within a few minutes. 

Do you have questions? Can't decide? Contact us, we are happy to help you.

Below you'll find a short summary of our group games. Do you want to read more about a game? Click on the photo of the game.

You can find games for both adults and children. With which game are you going to surprise your group?

All our games are made for all English-speaking countries.

These are our 4 groupgames for children

Quest - School Burglary

A quest with chalk on the sidewalk? No, that's really not possible anymore. The kids expect you to really try a little better than that. Fortunately, we have a very affordable ready-made quest, with which you can give the children an unforgettable afternoon and a smile from ear to ear. This quest is a mix of interactive Escape puzzles , where you have to solve a mystery. At the same time, you can only find out by walking a quest.

Quest - Where's my dog

A dog has disappeared from an old woman and the children are asked to find it. At each intersection there is a question or assignment for the children. The outcome determines which way the children should go. And slowly it becomes clear where the dog has gone.

Paw prints, contact with the dog's old owner, comparing dog species, the dog's friend, his favourite toy and food are all topics that come up to find the dog.

Escape room for kids

'Trapped in a game'. The Escape room to play at home. Very suitable for a birthday party at home, but also to play together with the family or at school. 4 surprising rooms, each with its own 'game' theme, will entertain the children for 75 minutes. Will the children succeed in completing all the assignments and puzzles? Both boys and girls aged 9 - 13 will have an unforgettable moment with this Escape room at home.

The Pharaoh's treasure

Another Escape room to play at home. The Pharaoh's Treasure is our second Escape room for kids. Help Tummy the mummy to find the pharaoh's treasure. The children must solve 4 rooms with exciting interactive puzzles to find this treasure. Again 75 minutes of guaranteed fun. 

Our 7 groupgames for adults

Escape room home game

Locked up in your own home? Then we have good news for you.


After the big success of the two escaperooms for children, there is now also this new escaperoom for adults to play. It is great fun to invite your friends or family and play an Escape Room at your home. Your group works together to escape from a mean mafia gang. The Mafia Gang is an interactive and challenging Escape Room. 100 minutes in teams of 2 to 5 people trying to escape from the 4 rooms, before the gang leader returns and.......

Are you up to it?

Murder game

Every year Don Corleone celebrates his birthday with a big party. His entire family is present, but also some other mafia families. The tension can be felt, but in spite of that everyone is partying. And then it's discovered that Don Corleone was murdered. Which one of the guests is the killer? Every player is one of these guests. Which one of your group is the killer? And who is the real detective among you who will solve this murder?

Enjoy an afternoon or evening of team play with and against each other to find out who are the smartest in all kinds of different areas of knowledge. Finally, you can use the useless information and trivia you have stored on that hard drive in your head. And several times the answer is on the tip of your tongue, but will it come out?

Favourite or not

Can you predict the favourite choice of your friends, family, colleagues or classmates?

How well do you really know each other?

An ideal game to get to know each other better or just to have a great evening. This way you will learn something about each other.

Envelope game

For a fun evening with friends, colleagues or family, this team game - the Envelope Game - is a super fun and exciting group game. You compete against each other as a team and 40 challenging and surprising questions/tasks are the basis for a few hours of excitement and entertainment. There is something for everyone, because the topics are very varied. So all knowledge within the team can be used to beat the other teams.

Music Bingo

With this music bingo, you are guaranteed a super, fun, swinging evening. Young and old will sing along passionately and this game can be played up to 100 people. We have prepared a total of 75 very well-known songs for you. In this music bingo, you will hear a mix of Top 40, great sing-along songs, 70s/80s and 90s & music from 2000 to now, top songs that cannot be missed. Will you be the first to have a full card?

Gender reveal game

Gender reveal game

Unique, original and creative. Pregnant? And would you like to announce whether you are having a son or daughter in an original way?

Then let them find out while solving puzzles. With this Gender reveal game, you are guaranteed to surprise your family and friends.

Outdoor scavenger hunt
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Contact? / Need help?

If you have questions about one of our games or if you want some advice. Please contact us. We'll help you find the game that suits your needs. Also if you have a question about a game you bought, we'll be happy to help you organize a great game for your group. Questions will be answered within 12 hours, but we always try to do it right away :-)

Kind Regards, Richard & Marjolein

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